Plandemic 3 To Prove Satan’s Hand In COVID-19 Vaccines!

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Plandemic 3 is here, and its producers promise that it will finally prove Satan’s hand in the nefarious COVID-19 vaccines!

Get a taste of what Plandemic 3 will reveal in our exclusive sneak preview!


Plandemic 3 To Prove Satan’s Hand In COVID-19 Vaccines!

Thanks to the hard work of renown coronavirus expert, Dr. Judy Mikovits and famous autism expert Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the new film will definitively reveal the nefarious Satanic plans behind the COVID-19 vaccines!

The Plandemic 3 team has kindly given us some tidbits to share with all of you. All they ask is that you SHARE and PRAY for Plandemic 3 to reach more people with the hashtag #Plandemic3!

Why Plandemic 3?

Plandemic was a hit, but the second movie – Plandemic: Indoctornation was a failure.

Many people didn’t even realise it was a new movie. President Donald Trump notably thought it was part of the original Plandemic movie.

Based on his feedback, the producers decided to go with Plandemic 3, so people like him understand that it’s a new movie.

Plandemic 3 To Prove Satan's Hand In COVID-19 Vaccines!

5G Tracker In COVID-19 Vaccines

Renown coronavirus expert, Dr. Judy Mikovits, had been looking into how Big Pharma could possibly inject a 5G tracker through COVID-19 vaccines, and had her breakthrough when public vaccinations started.

Many people started reporting that they found 5G trackers implanted in their arms after they were vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccine 5G tracker discovered post

Some of these concerned citizens sent her their trackers, and after obtaining a vial of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine and the syringes they use, the intrepid Dr. Mikovits finally figured out how they did it!

Why other less eminent researchers failed to find the 5G trackers is because they looked at the vaccine. There’s no 5G tracker inside, just a special activation fluid.

The secret is inside the syringe needle, she explained. That’s why they switch the needles before injecting people!

Judy Mikovits Presta 5G trackers
Dr. Judy Mikovits hard at work with her microscope!

Hidden inside the needle is a super-compressed 5G tracker – deactivated so RF scanners cannot detect it.

Once injected into your arm, the activation fluid expands the tracker so it locks into your arm muscle, and activates its 5G signal.

Dr. Mikovits shared this picture of the 3 variants she found, held in length- and colour-coded microscope attachment screws to differentiate them.

They are apparently made by the Presta Corporation, based in Baltimore, but funded with research funding from Bill Gates and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

COVID-19 vaccine 5G tracker type

In Plandemic 3, she will show you how the 5G tracker is cleverly hidden inside the needle, and how it gradually expands on contact with the activation fluid.

She will also show you have to cut it out of your arm, or block its signal with a copper-lined skin patch that her company will be releasing shortly.

And yes, Plandemic 3 will flash a special 50% discount code, so be sure to look out for it!

COVID-19 Is Satan’s Work

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has helped prevent autism for millions of innocent children by praying the vaccines out of them.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, he focused his considerable intellect into WHY it happened, and WHAT it really means.

In Plandemic 3, he will show you how he discovered that the coronavirus is Satan’s handiwork. Here is one example he shared with us.

After many sleepless nights calculating the different possibilities, he discovered that CORONA = 666. If this is not proof, he says, then you are blind!

Coronavirus 666 calculation

Kennedy also shared how Social Distancing was Satan’s idea. He believes health authorities use this term, as a form of satanic worship.

Every time they say Social Distancing, they are praising Satan. That is also why they refuse to say Physical Distancing.

To check if your friend is a secret follower of Satan, he suggests you say physical distancing. If your friend insists on saying social distancing, he’s a Satanist!

Social Distancing is Satan


Plandemic 3 : Where To Watch It?

Major corporations (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter) have been paid off by Big Pharma and the New World Order to block Plandemic 3 by deleting the video.

To avoid this, the producers are planning to DIRECTLY PM / DM you a link to the video.

To obtain the secret link to the Plandemic 3 video, simply post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups) with the hashtag #Plandemic3.

For every share of this article, with the hashtag #Plandemic3 and #CLeeYu, the Plandemic 3 team promises to sponsor the removal of a 5G tracker!

Plandemic 3 To Prove Satan's Hand In COVID-19 Vaccines!


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