Scam Alert : Ocean Sense Seafood On Facebook!

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A new seafood scam page on Facebook called Ocean Sense have already scammed several people!

Please SHARE this scam alert, and help bring down that scam page!

Note : There is a similar scam, involving the same person and bank account. See this article for more details!


Scam Alert : Ocean Sense Seafood On Facebook!

Please be warned that several people have allegedly been scammed by Ocean Sense – a seafood vendor on Facebook.

Ocean Sense offers fresh and frozen seafood at very attractive prices, with free delivery and discounts for large purchases :

Shipping fee 25
Take over rm300 free shipping
Take over rm500 10% discount (Each item )

Alaska king crab frozen
MYR 80 size – S (800g-1.5kg)
MYR 90 size – M (2kg -3.5kg)
MYR 100 size – L (4kg-5.5kg)

Alaska king crab live
MYR 100 size – S (800g-1.5kg)
MYR 135 size – M (2kg-3.5kg)
MYR 170 size – L (4kg -5.5kg)

Canada lobster live
MYR 75 size – S (1kg-2.5 kg)
MYR 85 size – M (3kg -4.5kg)
MYR 95 size – L (5kg -6.5kg)

Snow crab live
MYR 89 per kg 1-3kg per pic

However, several customers reported that the vendor would block them after receiving payment, and delete any negative comments on their page.


“OCEAN SENSE” – seafood supplier.

Do not purchase from this vendor. It is a scam. Blocks purchasers from FB/FB messenger and mobile number after monies for orders are banked into his account.

FB business name: Ocean Sense
Vendor / Acc name: Yap Kok Keong
Payment Account: CIMB 7634-3713-28

Be careful with online purchases during this depressed period of time!

Ocean Sense message 01

We checked the CIMB account number with the Commercial Crimes Department’s website, which showed that no report has been lodged against it… yet.

However, it doesn’t mean it is a safe account. At least 61 people have looked up the same number.

In fact, a similar East Malaysia Seafood Agent page is also using the same CIMB bank account owned by Yap Kok Keong!

Another Ocean Sense customer just shared screenshots of his interaction with the same vendor, who used a different bank account :

A&B Bintang Trading
CIMB 8604-5038-34

After paying Ocean Sense RM500, he was told that seafood he purchased would arrive at 11 AM. But there was no sign of it at 12 PM, which was when the buyer realised he was cheated.

Ocean Sense message 02

According to the Commercial Crimes Department’s website, this CIMB bank account had two police reports lodged against it.

You should AVOID dealing with A&B Bintang Trading, and definitely DO NOT send money to CIMB 8604503834.

If you have been cheated by this company, please LODGE A REPORT at the nearest police station!

Commercial Crimes report on CIMB 8604503834

We reached out to Ocean Sense, and after some digging, they claim that they are based in Tawau, and that their customers can purchase seafood from them at this address :

Ocean Sense
1st Block, Batu 13,
Jalan Airport
91000 Balung,

Contact : Tommy Tan
Tel. : 010-775-9395

However, there is no Jalan Airport in Tawau, and Jalan Airport Baru is just an empty road leading to the Tawau Airport.


Help REPORT Ocean Sense Seafood On Facebook!

Even though these customers have reported Ocean Sense as a scam to Facebook, the page is still active, and the person running this page is actively deleting negative comments.

Here is how you can help prevent more people from being scammed.

Step 1 : Report To The Police!

If you are one of those who were scammed, please report to the police ASAP.

This would help get the bank accounts blacklisted, and listed in the Commercial Crimes Department’s database.

Step 2 : Publicise The Scam!

Share this article, or the news about Ocean Sense, with your family and friends.

Alert your community via social media – Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Step 3 : Report The Scam To Facebook!

Facebook is quite lax about scams. They need many people to report a page as a scam before they will even bother to take action.

So follow these steps to report the Ocean Sense Facebook page as a scam.

  1. Go to the Ocean Sense Facebook page.
  2. Tap on the … menu on the upper right corner.
  3. Select Find support or Report Page.

  1. Select Fraud or Scam and Other.
  2. Click Next.

  1. Select Report Page.

Ocean Sense report page 03

  1. Tick the I believe that this goes against Facebook’s Community Standards check box.
  2. Click on the Report button.

Ocean Sense report page 04

That’s it! You have done your part in reporting a scammer.

But for this to work, many more people must report the page as a scam. So please share this out, and get your family and friends to help report them.

Facebook is very lax, and will likely claim that the page doesn’t contravene their Community Standards. But without enough reports, they will take it more seriously.


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