Watch Out For Nestle 2022 Anniversary Phishing Scam!

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Please watch out for the Nestle 2022 Anniversary phishing scam!

Find out why it is just a SCAM, and WARN your family and friends!


Nestle 2022 Anniversary Phishing Scam Alert!

People are now sharing the Nestle 2022 Anniversary message on WhatsApp (translated into English) :


Your family has been chosen to receive a lucky drag for the Nestle 2022 Anniversary at the Nestle office.

This contest has been approved by the Malaysian court / police, with the cooperation of Bank Negera Malaysia (BNM).

The link attached to the a website with the following instructions :

  1. Winners must keep the PIN-CEK number as evidence for winner verification and prize collection
  2. There are two ways to submit the contest form – through WhatsApp or this website.
  3. The contest form must be completed with your details. Incomplete forms will be rejected by the sponsor without notice.
  4. Every valid application will be shortlisted. There is no limit to the number of applications.
  5. First Prize Winner : RM10,500
    Second Prize Winner : RM9,300
    Third Prize Winner : RM8,500
  6. To redeem your prize, just use your WhatsApp to :
    a) Fill in the Nestle winner application number
    b) Fill in your full name and identity card number
    c) Attach a clear picture of your BANK ATM CARD – front and back
    d) Go to the nearest ATM machine, and WhatsApp the details above to +60124181128

Watch Out For Nestle 2022 Anniversary Phishing Scam!


Nestle 2022 Anniversary Phishing Scam : How Does It Work?

The Nestle 2022 Anniversary phishing scam is DANGEROUS. Please warn your family and friends to AVOID it.

Fact #1 : There Is No Such Nestle Giveaway!

There is no such anniversary giveaway by Nestle Malaysia. There is no reason for Nestle Malaysia to give out so much money.

They are a business, not a charity. They are in the business of selling you products, not giving you money.

Businesses do sponsor giveaway contests, but they are generally low value. Nestle Malaysia, for example, is currently giving away RM30 Shopee vouchers.

Fact #2 : Nestle Would Not Use Free Websites

Nestle is a large multinational company. It would not be using free website services like Wix.

Nestle Malaysia has its own website ( and Facebook page ( where they post official contests and promotions.

Always verify if a contest is genuine by visiting the official website / social media page.

Fact #3 : Nestle Would Never Ask For Pictures Of Your ATM Card!

Nestle, and any legitimate brand, would NEVER ask you to send them pictures of your bank ATM card!

Sending the pictures of your ATM card will allow them to clone the card, or trick bank staff into giving the scammers access to your bank account.


Watch Out For Nestle 2022 Anniversary Phishing Scam!

Fact #4 : Nestle Would Never Ask You To Go To An ATM

No legitimate contest would require you to go to an ATM machine to receive money.


Fact #5 : Nestle Would Never Ask For Your PIN / TAC

Nestle would never ask you for your ATM card’s PIN or any TAC number you may receive.

Giving out those details is how scammers get access to your bank account.


Fact #6 : This Lets Scammers Withdraw Money From Your Bank Account

I know many of us are in dire straits during this COVID-19 pandemic, having lost jobs, income or even loved ones.

Unfortunately, scammers are counting on our desperation to prey on us, using such anniversary scams.

This particular Nestle 2022 Anniversary Scam is a real danger, because it will allow scammers to gain access to your bank account and withdraw money.

Also watch out for the other anniversary scams that I have covered over the years :

Please WARN your family and friends about these scams!


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