MySejahtera BootstrapMade Controversy Explained!

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Is it true that the RM 70 million MySejahtera website was using a FREE BootstrapMade plan?

Find out what’s going on, and what the FACTS really are!


MySejahtera BootstrapMade Controversy : What Is It?

A TikTok creator called eryazmi shared a video on social media, which went viral.

Why? Because he showed how the RM 70 million MySejahtera website was just using a FREE BootstrapMade plan!

In his TikTok video, eryazmi showed that the MySejahtera website had a footer credit link – Designed by BootstrapMade.

MySejahtera BootStrapMade Controversy Explained!

He then showed that the footer credit link is there because the MySejahtera website team opted NOT to pay US$19 for a Pro Single BootstrapMade plan.

Instead, they opted for the free BootstrapMade plan, even though he explained early in the video – the MySejahtera app and website cost a whopping RM 70 million (US$17 million)!

MySejahtera BootStrapMade Controversy Explained!

You can watch his TikTok video here, but please read our FACT CHECK of his claims below after that.


MySejahtera BootstrapMade Controversy : The Facts!

eryazmi is correct that the MySejahtera team opted for the free BootstrapMade plan, but he made a number of misleading statements.

Let’s take a look at what the FACTS really are!

Fact #1 : BootstrapMade Is Free For Commercial Use

Bootstrap is a company that makes website templates that they sell on the BootstrapMade website.

They offer their templates for FREE to download and use, even for COMMERCIAL PROJECTS!

The only downside is that you cannot remove the footer credit link, and you cannot use it to create websites for clients.

Technically, there is nothing wrong for the MySejahtera team to create their website using a free Bootstrap plan, if they are an internal KKM team and not a third-party contractor.

Are they an internal team or a third-party contractor? We don’t know, and until we do, we cannot simply jump to conclusions.

MySejahtera BootStrapMade Controversy Explained!

Fact #2 : BootstrapMade Is Just A Website Template

BootstrapMade or Bootstrap templates are just basic design templates for creating your website.

You still need to customise it to suit your requirements, using your own photos and graphics. The Bootstrap team isn’t doing it for you – that’s for sure!

eryazmi‘s claim that the free plan lets the team just generate the MySejahtera website is just false and ludicrous.

Never mind customising the website, he ignored the cost of hosting the website, which likely requires multiple servers and load balancing due to the high traffic.

Fact #3 : Removing The Footer Credit Does Nothing

After the video went viral, the team apparently paid Bootstrap US$19 to remove the footer credit, which is no longer visible at the bottom of the MySejahtera website.

It’s a ONE-TIME charge, not a subscription, as eryazmi claimed.

What did that buy us? Absolutely NOTHING.

The presence, or lack thereof, of the BootstrapMade footer credit at the bottom of the MySejahtera website has ZERO implications on its performance, or the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme.

Nevertheless, it is good that they paid Bootstrap for the template, whether they are an internal KKM team, or a third-party contractor.

Fact #3 : RM 70 Million Not Just For MySejahtera App + Website

Early in the video, eryazmi claimed that RM 70 million was for the MySejahtera app and website. At the end of his video, he claimed that RM 70 million was just for this website.

Either way – he’s wrong.

As National Immunisation Programme Coordinating Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, said earlier, RM 70 million is the amount BUDGETED for the management of the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK).

In other words – RM 70 million is the maximum amount, the ceiling price for multiple systems to run and manage PICK :

  • Management and monitoring of PICK performance indicators
  • Development of PICK daily report dashboard
  • System integration to connect the MySejahtera database with KKM’s existing pharmacy database
  • Development of chatbot
  • Development of the vaccination registration portal (
  • Registration and vaccination detection, and Google Map tracking system in MySejahtera
  • Development of genomic surveillance and immunisation surveillance systems
  • Queue Mobile management system for vaccination centres (PPVs)
  • Integration of digital (vaccination) passport system in MySejahtera
  • Logistic and vaccine delivery chain management system
  • Call center operations located in CITF
  • MyVAC (Malaysian Vaccine Support Volunteers) system for the management of volunteers.
  • SMS messaging and call reminders for 5-10 times for each person

It is therefore, categorically false for eryazmi to claim that RM 70 million is what the MySejahtera app and/or website costs.


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