Fact Check : Did This Man Break His Home Quarantine?

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Did this man with a pink wristband break his COVID-19 home quarantine at a private clinic, and put other people at risk.

Find out what happened, and what the FACTS really are!


Did This Man Break His Home Quarantine?

Yesterday, a concerned citizen posted a photo and a video of a man wearing a pink COVID-19 wristband, suggesting that he was breaking his mandatory home quarantine.

He was at a private clinic in a Mutiara Damansara mall when the man walked in. When he spotted the pink wristband, he took a photo and a video of the man.

He then reported the matter to the mall security, before posting the photo and video on Facebook.

Fact Check : Did This Man Break His Home Quarantine?

The post naturally went viral, with many people condemning the man and some even threatening violence.

The New Straits Times even picked it up, and posted about it. Oddly enough – they did not even call the clinic in question to verify the story.


Did This Man Break His Home Quarantine? No!

While it may appear as the man was breaking his COVID-19 home quarantine, that is completely UNTRUE, and here are the facts!

Fact #1 : The Man Had Already Tested Negative Once

Like everyone who returned from abroad, the man had already undergone a mandatory antigen rapid test.

He was only allowed to return home for his 14-day home quarantine, after testing negative.

Fact #2 : The Man Was Getting His Day 13 Antibody Test

The man with the pink wristband was following Malaysia Ministry of Health’s SOP – to undertake his mandatory COVID-19 antibody test on the 13th day of his home quarantine.

Only after his Day 13 antibody test is negative, can his wristband be removed by the District Health Office, and his home quarantine officially discharged.

Day 13 COVID-19 Antibody Test

Fact #3 : The Man Was Asymptomatic During His Quarantine

Even though he was still officially within the 14-day home quarantine period, he was asymptomatic.

Everyone on home quarantine is checked on a daily basis, and will be taken to the hospital if they become symptomatic.

Only those who are asymptomatic (and therefore likely to be free from COVID-19) will be allowed to go to specially-certified government or private clinics for their Day 13 Antibody Test.

Fact #4 : The Clinic Was Specially Certified For COVID-19 RTK Ab Tests

The doctor was specially trained and certified to test asymptomatic returnees using the COVID-19 antibody rapid test kits.

Both the clinic and the man followed MOH guidelines, taking the necessary precautions like wearing face masks.

At no point was anyone placed at risk during this, or the many COVID-19 tests, performed at this clinic.

Fact Check : Did This Man Break His Home Quarantine?

Fact #5 : The Doctor Personally Clarified The Case

The doctor personally called and explained the facts to the man who posted the photo and video, but he declined to remove his post.

The doctor then posted this statement in response to his Facebook post (now removed) :

Hi I am the doctor in charge of Klinik XXXXXX, the above person in your post visited my clinic for his day 13 post quarantine Covid 19 Ab test.

The patient followed all the necessary SOP as required by the Health Ministry. Both patient and clinic took all the precautions before he came to the clinic.

He would only be allowed to our premises if he had no symptoms.

Our clinic is one of the authorised clinics to perform the Covid Ab test for Day 13 quarantine in collaboration with Ministry of Health for patients who were tested NEGATIVE and have not displayed any symptoms suggesting an infection.

It would have been wise of Mr XXXXXX to clarify any doubts he may have had with the patient or the clinic before posting it on Facebook. This would have avoided any embarrassment to all involved.

The clinic itself would have reported if anyone was flouting the law. We take such matters seriously and the government has procedures in place before such patients come to the clinic.

I hope this response is adequate to clarify the above posting.

Incidentally, he tested negative in the Day 13 Ab test – his second negative COVID-19 test.


But NST Posted About Him Breaking Home Quarantine…

It appears that the New Straits Times posted their story without verifying the facts with the clinic in question.

As of 10 AM this morning, no one from NST called the clinic. Perhaps they would do so later today…

If anyone from NST is reading this, we would like to point out another error – the clinic isn’t inside a supermarket.

NST post on clinic COVID-19 test


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