Fact Check : Did Lim Kok Wing Die From COVID-19?

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Did Lim Kok Wing – the founder of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology – die from COVID-19?

Find out what’s the latest viral rumour, and what the FACTS really are!

Note : We just learned that Lim Kok Wing passed away.


Claim : Lim Kok Wing Died From COVID-19 After ICU Stay

Rumours have abounded today that Lim Kok Wing – the controversial founder of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology – died today from COVID-19.

Tan Sri Dr Lim Kok Wing
Limkokwing University
Had covid and stayed in ICU in Pantai Bangsar. Came out from ICU 2 days ago and just died while still in hospital.

Be informed Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing is in ICU- Covid since last week. He’s stable but lung damaged.
He is seated with the late Michael Geh & the late Teo Chiang Quan at Sunway Annual Dinner. Fake or real news ?

Fact Check : Did Lim Kok Wing Die From COVID-19?


Fact Check : Did Lim Kok Wing Die From COVID-19?

Gail Phung, the Senior Vice President of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology dismissed the rumours as fake news, through a press release that stated :

Press Statement
25 May 2021

Tan Sri Limkokwing in stable condition, recuperating after a fall

The Limkokwing University wishes to thank everyone for their concern regarding the health of our President Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Limkokwing.

He was hospitalised following a fall in his house. We are pleased to inform that his condition is stable and kindly request that he be given complete privacy so he can focus on his recovery.

Once again, we are grateful and fully appreciate everyone’s interest in his well-being.

Please stay safe, stay healthy. Thank you.

Dato’ Gail Phung
Senior Vice President

It is interesting to note though that the statement did not explicitly refute claims that Lim Kok Wing had COVID-19, or that he spent some time in the Pantai Bangsar ICU.

But taking the press release at full face value – Lim Kok Wing is still alive, and is currently in stable condition.

The Sunway Group also issued a statement, stating that they did not host any annual dinner.


We are aware of certain Whatsapp [sic] messages claiming that Sunway hosted an “annual dinner” attended by some prominent figures recently.

Please be informed no such annual dinner took place that was hosted by Sunway, and we would like to confirm that the claim is baseless and unfounded.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all to be cautious, responsible and mindful when sharing information.

Thank you.

Fact Check : Did Lim Kok Wing Die From COVID-19?

For those who are wondering why Lim Kok Wing is so controversial, these articles may provide some background information on his recent controversies :


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