Did Larry King Die From COVID-19 After Surviving Cancer?

Did Larry King die from COVID-19 after surviving TWO cancers, heart surgery, and SEVEN WIVES?

Find out what the viral news about Larry King’s death, and what the FACTS really are!


Did Larry King Die From COVID-19 After Surviving Cancer?

This is the advice that has been circulating on Instagram and WhatsApp about Larry King dying from COVID-19 :

Larry King was diabetic

He survived 2 cancers : lung and prostate

He survived quintuple bypass heart surgery

He survived at least two cardiac arrest

He survived SEVEN WIVES

Then Covid happened…



No, Larry King Did NOT Die From COVID-19

As much as we admire the effectiveness of the message in reminding people to wear a face mask to protect themselves against COVID-19, Larry King did not die from COVID-19.

That said, please WEAR A FACE MASK, distance yourself from other people in public, and practice good hand hygiene, to protect yourself against COVID-19!

Here are the facts about what Larry King went through in life, and his death.

Fact #1 : Larry King Had Lung + Prostate Cancers

In 1999, Larry King was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and was successfully treated for it.

Then in 2017, he had surgery to remove a lump in his lung, that turned out to be malignant.

Fact #2 : Larry King Had One Known Heart Attack

Larry King had a heart attack in 1987, which led to a quintuple heart-bypass surgery.

This was followed by an angioplasty in 1997 for a clogged heart vessel. Ten years later, he had angioplasty and stents inserted.

Fact #3 : Larry King Survived A Stroke

In March 2019, he suffered a stroke and was in coma for weeks. He survived that, but lost some function in his left foot.

Fact #4 : Larry King Had 7 Wives In 8 Marriages

Larry King was actually married eight times, to seven different women.

  • Freda Miller in 1952
  • Annette Kaye in 1961
  • Alene Akins in 1961
  • Mickey Sutphin in 1964
  • Alene Akins (again) in 1968
  • Sharon Lepore in 1976
  • Julie Alexander in 1989
  • Shawn Southwick in 1997

Fact #5 : Larry King Had COVID-19 But Died Of Sepsis

Larry King was hospitalised for COVID-19 in December 2020, and died on 23 January 2021.

However, his ex-wife Shawn Southwick (whom he divorced in 2019) said that he recovered from COVID-19, but died of sepsis as a complication.

It can be argued though that if he didn’t contract COVID-19, he wouldn’t have suffered from sepsis during his recovery…


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe :

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