KRI Nanggala Submarine : Was Its Wreck Recovered?

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Was the wreck of the Indonesian submarine, KRI Nanggala, just recovered from the sea?

Find out what has gone viral on social media, and what the FACTS really are!


KRI Nanggala Submarine : Was Its Wreck Recovered?

People have been sharing a picture purportedly showing the wreck of he Indonesian submarine, KRI Nanggala, being lifted from the sea.

The picture shows a crane apparently lifting the wreckage of a submarine with the hull number 402 circled in red, with pictures of women crying and hugging each other.

402 is the hull number of KRI Nanggala – the Indonesian submarine that sank 95 kilometres north of Bali on 21 April 2021.

KRI Nanggala Submarine : Was Its Wreck Recovered?

Some also shared part of the Indonesian article – Tangisan Keluarga Korban Pecah, Tim Evakuasi Berhasil Angkat Puing Puing KIR Nanggala 402 Kepermukaan.

In English, the long title translates as “The Victims’ Families Cried, The Evacuation Team Succeeded In Lifting The Wreckage of KRI Nanggala 402 To The Surface“.


KRI Nanggala : Submarine Wreck Has Not Been Recovered!

The truth is – this is yet another piece of FAKE NEWS circulating through social media. Here are the facts..

Fact #1 : The Photo Was Edited

Obviously, the photo was edited – it is a collage.

But more to the point – the photo of the submarine was edited to add the hull number 402.

The person who created the photo lifted the 402 hull number from this picture of the actual KRI Nanggala submarine, and added it to the submarine in the photo above.

KRI Nanggala 402 real photo

Fact #2 : That Submarine Was K-141 Kursk

The submarine used in the fake photo is actually K-141 Kursk of the Russian Navy, flipped horizontally.

This is the photo of the Kursk they used to make the fake photo, which we flipped horizontally to make the comparison easier.

As you can see, they edited out the Kursk coat of arms from the sail, and paste the 402 hull number next to it.

K-141 Kursk submarine wreck

Fact #3 : KRI Nanggala Has Not Been Recovered… Yet

Efforts to recover the wreck of KRI Nanggala started on 4 May 2021, with the assistance of the Chinese Navy.

However, as of 11 May 2021, no part of its hull has been recovered from the depth of 838 metres where the wreck has rested.

Fact #4 : Original Article Was Deleted

The original article was posted on 1 May 2021 but recently removed after being exposed as fake news.

However, the video with that fake photo is still available on YouTube, and it was copied and posted by other websites eager to capitalise on the disaster.

Note : We added the FALSE overlay to prevent the article from being further shared as fact.

KRI Nanggala Submarine : Was Its Wreck Recovered?


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