How KIPS Online + KIPS Live Games Improve Cybersecurity

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We just tried our hand at the first KIPS (Kaspersky Initeractive Protection Simulation) Online training and simulation session! Find out what it’s all about!


KIPS – Not Your Average Monopoly Game

KIPS Online is the online version of the KIPS Live offline cybersecurity training game. Based on 20 years of Kaspersky Lab’s experience in corporate cybersecurity, it instills cybersecurity awareness in players, and offers real, actionable cybersecurity insights to top-level business executives.

Both the Online and Live versions aim to help managers understand cybersecurity threats and how they can affect the performance of the company. It will help them work better with their cybersecurity counterparts, both internal and external, to better and quickly deal with cybersecurity attacks and threats.

How KIPS Online + KIPS Live Games Improve Cybersecurity


KIPS Helps Bring Down Recovery Cost

According to Kaspersky Lab’s Corporate IT Security Risks survey, 51% of enterprises agreed that it is difficult to demonstrate the ROI (Return on Investment) when it comes to IT security. One of the goals of the KIPS Online and KIPS Live games is to demonstrate to senior management officials that quick and coordinated action can help save IT security costs.

During the game, participants are tasked with operating an interactive cybersecurity facility, with the goal of maintaining the company’s financial health while managing cybersecurity challenges. These are based on real-life challenges that have afflicted Kaspersky customers, so this is as real world as it gets!

How KIPS Online + KIPS Live Games Improve Cybersecurity


Trying Out KIPS For Yourselves

Unfortunately, you cannot just download and try the Kaspersky Initeractive Protection Simulation for yourselves, because it needs a short training session, followed by a debriefing session in which Kaspersky Lab (or its partner) will explain the facts behind that particular game scenario.

Companies that are interested to try either games should contact Kaspersky Lab and their resellers globally. Both KIPS Online and KIPS Live are part of the Kaspersky Lab family of Security Awareness Training services.


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