Kaspersky Lab – Mobile Threats Are On The Rise!

Kaspersky Lab warns that mobile threats are on the rise. It is important for the public to be aware, and to take the right precautions. On their part, they are raising awareness through greater media outreach and special events.

Back in June 2018, Kaspersky Lab entered the Malaysian Book of Records, with 1,931 anti-virus for mobile devices activated at a single event.  That event was held in partnership with Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC), in conjunction with Kaspersky Lab’s 20th anniversary.


Kaspersky Lab – Mobile Threats Are On The Rise!

According to the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission Hand Phone Users Survey, the percentage of smartphone users continue to rise from 68.7% in 2016 to 75.9% in 2017. Awareness to protect personal data among Malaysians has increased with 64.5% of users vigilant in protecting their mobile phones using passwords and 44.5% backing up their photos and contacts. However, the number of Malaysians with mobile device security solutions on their smartphones is still low.

“Smart device users need protection for their devices.  When you buy a PC or laptop, the first thing most people would do is to install an antivirus solution.  However, the same cautious approach does not apply to smart devices like smartphones and tablets.  Instead, most would install the physical essentials such as screen protector or protective case when they purchase their new smart devices,” says Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager, SEA, Kaspersky Lab. 

At the sidelines of the 2018 CIMB Classics, Siang Tiong added that majority of people relying heavily on smart devices, on calendar reminders, emails, contacts, making payments using e-wallets and online banking. The risks of mobile threats exposing those data to hackers is increasing with our reliance on smart devices.

“We used the Malaysian Book of Records as a platform to raise the awareness so more users will take the similar precautious approach on their smart devices.  Mobile device security goes beyond password-protecting a device, and backing up data serves as an extension of your brain.  As mobile devices become the primary device for more people, identify theft becomes easier, as online banking and in-app e-commerce transactions become more frequent.  The need to educate on securing mobile devices is urgent. This is why Kaspersky Lab held this record-breaking mobile device security activation drive in conjunction with our 20th anniversary,” Siang Tiong added.

In Q2 2018, Kaspersky Lab detected 1,744,244 million mobile malicious installation packages. That is  421,666 more mobile threats than were detected in the previous quarter.  Other kinds of mobile threats like mobile banking Trojans were also on the rise, with Kaspersky Lab detecting 3.2 times more instances than Q1 2018.  Mobile ransomware Trojans were also on the rise, with 14,119 installation packages detected.

It is clear that while many of us are not yet affected by mobile threats like banking or ransomware Trojans, we need to start taking precautions. Kaspersky Lab offers a few options :

  • Kaspersky Internet Security for Mobile (Android) : RM 7
  • Kaspersky Internet Security for PC / Mac / Mobile (1 Device)  : RM 59 | £14.99 | $54.50
  • Kaspersky Internet Security for PC / Mac / Mobile (3 Device)  : RM 69£19.85 | $37.64
  • Kaspersky Internet Security for PC / Mac / Mobile (5 Device)  : RM 129£24


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