Jin Yut Lew : Was US Chef Attacked For Being Chinese?!

Was an American chef – Jin Yut Lew – brutally beaten and left for dead, simply because he was a Chinese man?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Chef Jin Yut Lew Was Attacked For Being Chinese!

People are sharing a link to an article about Jin Yut Lew – a 61 year-old chef and father – who was brutally beaten and left for dead in Chicago, USA.

It’s accompanied by this message that laid the blame on US President Joe Biden for fomenting hatred against the Chinese.

Another heinous hate attack targeting a 61 year-old Chinese father near Chicago’s Chinatown.

Jin Yut Lew, a 61-year-old Chinese father, was carjacked, robbed, brutally beaten and “left for dead” near Chinatown in Chicago.

God D**n Joe Biden, his China-bashing, Chinese-Demonization.

We Chinese in America are unprotected. We are on our own. The homeland view us as foreigners and not Chinese enough.

We need to mobilize and organize our own armed militia in America.


Truth : Chef Jin Yut Lew Was NOT Attacked For Being Chinese!

I will share with you the facts of his case, and show you why this tragedy is being misused by the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛) to spread discord.

Fact #1 : Mr. Lew Was Severely Beaten

Mr. Lew left his son’s house in the South Loop at around 11 PM on Wednesday, 6 April 2022. When he did not show up for a scheduled meeting, his friend informed his sons.

According to the Chicago Journal, Mr. Lew was found by a street cleaner at around 7 AM on 7 April 2022 near the intersection of W. 25th Place and S. Stewart Avenue in Chinatown.

He had no belongings or identification, and was unconscious. The police were called, and an ambulance took him to Stroger Hospital as an unidentified “John Doe”.

After not being able to reach him for 24 hours, his family filed a missing person’s report on early Friday morning, 8 April 2022.

Thanks to a tip on Facebook, they eventually found him hospitalised at Stroger Hospital the same day. He was in a critical condition after undergoing an emergency decompressive craniectomy, and remained in a coma.

Fact #2 : Mr. Lew Was Carjacked

Mr. Lew was carjacked and robbed, and during that incident, he was repeatedly struck on his head and face with a blunt object.

His missing 2008 Lexus SUV was later spotted by a camera in the Austin neighbourhood in west Chicago on the evening of 8 April 2022.

The next day, the family was informed by the insurance company that the Lexus SUV was recovered by the Chicago Police Department.

Fact #3 : No Evidence Of Hate Crime

While the severity of his attack was shocking, there is simply no evidence of a hate crime.

Mr. Lew wasn’t targeted simply because he was a Chinese man. He was targeted because he drove a car.

Mr. Lew was also found unconscious in Chinatown, which makes it even more unlikely that it is a hate crime.

Fact #4 : Carjacking Is On The Rise In Chicago

Carjacking has been a great concern in Chicago, as the family pointed out to the Chicago Journal :

In Chicago especially, the Chinese community has been living in fear of carjacking crimes but this is getting out of hand. Taking personal property is one thing, now they are being progressively more violent toward victims.

This needs to stop. City leaders need to do something about it and find and punish those responsible.

According to the Chicago Police Department, theft of motor vehicles in 2022 have gone up 43% over 2021, and up 63% over 2020.

Fact #5 : Biden Did Not Bash China

US President Joe Biden is most definitely not a China basher. The fake news writer either confused him with former President Donald Trump, or is intentionally and falsely laying the blame on Joe Biden.

It was former President Donald Trump who repeatedly called COVID-19 the “China virus”, and claimed that China was responsible for the pandemic. It was his administration that also sanctioned HUAWEI, TikTok and WeChat amongst other things.

Biden, on the other hand, has not bashed China or demonised the Chinese. After all, Chinese Americans are predominantly Democrats, with far more representation in the Democratic Party, than the Republican Party.

So I have to wonder – why would this writer falsely claim that he did?

Fact #6 : Chinese Americans Do Not Consider China Homeland

No Chinese American would ever call China their “homeland”. Or falsely bemoan that their “homeland” view them as “foreigners” and “not Chinese enough”.

This is something that only a member of the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛) would write, because only they would consider China their “homeland“, and only they would look down on the American Chinese as “foreigners” and “not Chinese enough“.

In fact, this reminds me of an October 18, 2021 incident where two Chinese citizens stormed out of a Los Angeles restaurant without paying, after Chinese Americans stood up to sing the American national anthem.

Chinese people singing the American national anthem is so infuriating! We won’t pay this bill.

Mr. Lew immigrated to the United States in the early 1980s, and is most certainly a naturalised US citizen. He would no doubt consider the United States his country, not China.

Please beware of FAKE NEWS being created and propagated by the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛).

And please help me fight fake news, by sharing this fact check with your family and friends!


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