HUAWEI New Year Gift Scam : Don’t Click Or Share!

Watch out for the HUAWEI New Year Gift scam that’s circulating on WhatsApp!

Do NOT click or share. Just delete it, and WARN YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!


HUAWEI New Year Gift Scam : Do NOT Click Or Share!

Scammers are sending out this message on WhatsApp, claiming that HUAWEI is giving away New Year gifts.

Please do NOT click on the message, or share it. Just delete it and warn your family and friends!


Why This HUAWEI New Year Gift Offer Is A Scam

Let us show you why this HUAWEI New Year Gift offer (and similar offers) is just a scam.

If you spot any of these warning signs, BACK OFF and DO NOT PROCEED!

Warning Sign #1 : Not Using The Real HUAWEI Domain

A genuine HUAWEI campaign would use the real HUAWEI domain –

The use of a different domain ( should warn you that this is not a legitimate HUAWEI website.

Warning Sign #2 : HUAWEI Does Not Give Away Free Gifts

HUAWEI is a for-profit corporation whose goal is to make money, not give it away.

They are not a charity, and will never give free gifts to celebrate a new year, or anniversary.

They only give free gifts to promote the purchase of their latest products.

Warning Sign #3 : Ridiculous Prizes

While brands may sometimes give away branded swag like a face mask, a t-shirt, or a cap; they will NEVER give away CASH as a prize.

And there is no way they would give away US$5,000 cash prizes. That’s just nuts! It should be cheaper to just give away one of their latest Mate 40 Pro smartphones.


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