HUAWEI Receives World’s First CC EAL4+ Certificate For 5G!

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HUAWEI just received the world’s first CC EAL4+ security certificate for 5G!

Here is what it means for the security of their 5G products!


HUAWEI Receives World’s First CC EAL4+ Certificate For 5G!

CCN (Centro Criptologico National), a Spain certification authority, officially issued the CC EAL4+ security certificate to HUAWEI 5900 Series 5G gNodeB software on 20 May 2020, after an evaluation under the provisions of the Spanish IT Security Evaluation and Certification Scheme.

HUAWEI Receives World's First CC EAL4+ Certificate For 5G!

HUAWEI has endeavoured to address cybersecurity concerns surrounding its 5G products through internationally-recognised cybersecurity certification standards, like CC (Common Criteria) and FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard).

Receiving the CC EAL4+ certificate from CCN would go a long way to build up confidence in this 5G software. However, it is unlikely to sway the Trump Administration’s distrust of HUAWEI.


CC EAL4+ Security Certificate : What Is It?

CC (Common Criteria) certification is an International standard in evaluating the security of a product or platform. There are seven assurance levels – EAL1 through EAL7.

The HUAWEI 5900 Series 5G gNodeB software receiving CC EAL4+ certification means its source code has been “methodically designed, tested and reviewed” to be secure by CCN.


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