Fact Check : HKL Preparing For 3K COVID-19 Cases A Day?

A video of HKL (Hospital Kuala Lumpur) preparing for 3,000 COVID-19 cases a day has gone viral!

Find out what happened, and what the facts really are!


Claim : HKL Preparing For 3K COVID-19 Cases A Day

A video showing beds and mattresses being unloaded at HKL (Hospital Kuala Lumpur / Kuala Lumpur General Hospital) has gone viral, because it’s accompanied by this message :

KL GH getting ready for massive spike of Covid infection cases, expecting around 3000 patients per day in the Klang Valley and KL..


HKL Preparing For 3K COVID-19 Cases A Day? Not Quite!

The video appears to be genuine and shows the unloading of beds and mattresses at HKL (also known as KL GH).

However, HKL is NOT preparing to take in 3,000 COVID-19 patients per day. Here are the facts…

Fact #1 : HKL COVID-19 Capacity Only Expanded By 151 Beds

On 14 November 2020, DG Health Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah announced that COVID-19 patient capacity at HKL had just expanded by 151 beds.

Thanks to the contribution from NADMA (National Disaster Management Agency), the maternity block at HKL now has 358 beds for COVID-19 patients.

Fact #2 : HKL Only Has 831 Beds For COVID-19 Patients

As of 18 November 2020, HKL only has 831 beds for COVID-19 patients, after the recent expansion.

COVID-19 patients are quarantined at the hospital for 14 days. Therefore, HKL only has enough beds to accept an average of 59 new cases a day.

There is simply no way for HKL to accept 3,000 new COVID-19 patients a day, or even a month!

Fact #3 : Klang Valley Now Has 4,739 COVID-19 Beds

Due to the rapid increase in COVID-19 patients in the Klang Valley, KKM quickly ramped up the number of beds.

  • Sungai Buloh Hospital – increased to 630 beds
  • Kuala Lumpur Hospital – increased to 831 beds

  • Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital – converted into COVID-19 hybrid hospital with 230 beds

  • KKM Training Institute – 8 blocks reopened as Quarantine Centre with 2,400 beds

  • National Leprosy Control Centre – continues as Quarantine Centre with 648 beds

As of 18 November 2020, there are 4,739 COVID-19 beds in the Klang Valley, up from just 345 beds on 1 October 2020.

Fact #4 : KKM Not Preparing To Handle 3,000 Cases A Day In Klang Valley

The massive 14X increase in COVID-19 beds still does NOT allow KKM to handle 3,000 new COVID-19 patients a day for the whole Klang Valley.

There are only enough beds to handle an average of 338 new COVID-19 patients a day, on a continuous basis.

If KKM was really expecting to handle 3,000 new COVID-19 patients a day, they would have prepared some 42,000 beds.

It appears that they currently do not believe that the Klang Valley will exceed 4,700 active cases at any point in time.


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