Are Hackers Using Good Morning Messages To Hack You?

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Are hackers using Good Morning videos, pictures and messages to hack your devices, and steal your data?

Find out what is happening, and what the FACTS really are!


Claim : Hackers Are Using Good Morning Messages To Hack You!

This post about Chinese hackers using Good Morning videos, pictures and messages to hack your devices, has gone viral on social media and WhatsApp :

Dear friends, please delete all welcome photos and videos in Good Morning format and the like. Read below the article to the end, which will be clear why I ask about it. From now on I will only send personally prepared greetings.

Read it all !!! Send this message urgently to as many friends as you can to stop the invasion.

Olga Nikolaevna Lawyer: Caution:

For those who like to send Good Morning pictures! Good day! Good evening!

Do not send these “good” messages.

Today, Shanghai China International News sent SOS to all subscribers (this is the third reminder) that experts recommend: please do not send good morning, good night, pictures and videos,.
Reports show that hackers in China designed the images, the video is so beautiful to hide the phishing codes inside them, when everyone sends these messages, the hackers use your devices to steal personal information, such as bank card information and data to crack the phone.

It has been reported that more than 500,000 victims of fraud have already been deceived.

If you want to greet others, write your own message to protect yourself and your family and friends.

Important! Delete all greeting messages and pictures that you have on your phone for your own safety. If someone sent you such a picture, immediately remove it from the device. Malicious code takes time to deploy, so if you act immediately, no harm will be done.

Tell all your friends about this to prevent hacking.

Greet others by writing your own words, and send only images you create. The material you create yourself is completely safe.‼️‼️ ️‼️ ️ Please understand me correctly! All have credit cards attached to their phone. Everyone has a lot of contacts in their phones. You will create a threat not only to yourself, but to all the contacts that you have on your phones, your friends and acquaintances. ‼️ ️‼️ ️‼️ ️
Take this very carefully! This is a harsh reality‼️ ️‼️ ️‼️ ️

Urgent information !!!

Some people have already restricted..!

Are Hackers Using Good Morning Messages To Hack You?


Hackers Using Good Morning Messages To Hack You : Just Another Hoax!

Many of get blasted with Good Morning or Good Night messages every day from well-meaning friends and family.

While they are literally spam that clog up Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp groups, they really do NOT allow hackers to hack your devices.

While it would be nice to see people stop this irritating practice, here are the reasons why Good Morning messages are harmless…

Fact #1 : Shanghai China International News Does Not Exist

The news organisation, Shanghai China International News, that was stated in the hoax does not exist.

Fact #2 : No Reports On Hackers Designing Good Morning Pictures + Videos

There are no reports on hackers from China or anywhere else creating these Good Morning pictures and videos.

In fact, they are mostly created by websites and Facebook pages for people to share, and hopefully attract new followers.

Fact #3 : No Fraud Involving Good Morning Messages

There has been no fraud involving Good Morning or even Good Night messages, videos or pictures.

Certainly, half a million victims of such a scam would have made front page news. Yet there is not a single report on even one case.

Fact #4 : Image-Based Malware Is Possible, But…

Digital steganography is a method by which secret messages and other data can be hidden in digital files, like a photo or a video, or even a music file.

It is also possible to embed malicious code within a Good Morning photo, but it won’t be a full-fledged malware that can execute by itself. At most, it can be used to hide the malware payload from antivirus scanners.

In January 2019, cybercriminals created an online advertisement with a script. The script itself would appear innocuous and pass any check.

However, the image itself has an “almost white” rectangle that is recognised by the script, triggering it to redirect the user to the cybercriminals’ website.

Once there, the victim is tricked into installing a Trojan disguised as an Adobe Flash Player update.

Fact #5 : Malicious Code Executes Immediately

If you accidentally download and trigger malware, it will execute immediately. It won’t wait, as the hoax message claims.

Deleting Good Morning or Good Night photos or videos will free up storage space in your phone, but it won’t prevent any malware from executing.

Also, most malware require some sort of action to trigger their execution. Generally (but not always), just downloading a malware won’t trigger it.


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