Fact Check : Fox News Hot Mic Leaks COVID-19 Hoax + Vaccine

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Did Fox News get caught on hot mic admitting that COVID-19 is both a hoax, and has a vaccine? Here are the facts…


Fox News Caught On Hot Mic Leaking COVID-19 Hoax + Vaccine?

On 20 April 2020, John Roberts from Fox News was caught on video talking with another person, just before the start of a US Coronavirus Task Force briefing with US President Donald Trump.

He was heard telling the other person to take off his mask. That man, identified by many as a Fox News tech guy, is heard saying that “everyone here has been vaccinated anyway” before calling it “a hoax“.

Fact Check : Fox News Hot Mic Leaks COVID-19 Hoax, Has Vaccine

The video was viewed over a million times, and shared by many as evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax.

Others have also leaped upon the video as evidence that the United States has a COVID-19 vaccine that is only available to the Trump Administration and Fox News.

Thinly-disguised Chinese propaganda efforts have also started to make use of the video to “propose” that the United States orchestrated the COVID-19 pandemic to destroy China and “unwanted populations of the world”.

Chinese propaganda Fox News hot mic hoax


Fox News Hot Mic COVID-19 Hoax : TLDR Summary

Here is the short and sweet summary for those who don’t have the time for the full debunking :

  • the video is genuine, but taken out of context
  • they were discussing the recent USC study
  • the COVID-19 pandemic is not a hoax
  • there is no COVID-19 vaccine yet

And think about this for a minute…

  • If COVID-19 does not exist, how do you vaccinate against it?
  • If everyone in the room was already vaccinated, why is Doug Mills still wearing a face mask?
  • Why would Donald Trump lie about a working vaccine?
    He would LOVE to have a vaccine right now, because it would mean he can restart the economy for a better chance to be re-elected in the coming elections.
  • The United States now has more COVID-19 cases and deaths than China.
    How does that fit into the nefarious US plot to use COVID-19 to destroy China?


Fox News Hot Mic COVID-19 Hoax : Debunked!

Now, let’s fact-check the video of the Fox News hot mic capture, as well as the claims that it proves that COVID-19 is a hoax, and that there is already a COVID-19 vaccine.

Fact #1 : The Video Is Genuine

The video of John Roberts from Fox News caught on a hot microphone is genuine. It was recorded just before the US Coronavirus Task Force briefing on April 20, 2020.

Fact #2 : That’s John Roberts + Doug Mills

Many posts correctly identified the first man as John Roberts but wrongly labelled him a Fox News host. He is the Chief White House Correspondent for Fox News.

The second man is not a “Fox News tech guy”, but New York Times photographer Doug Mills.

Fact Check : Fox News Hot Mic Leaks COVID-19 Hoax + Vaccine

Fact #3 : They Were Misinterpreted

If you listen to the conversation carefully, you will realise a couple of things :

  • John Roberts was talking about a newly-released USC (University of Southern California) study, which claims a very low mortality rate.
  • Doug Mills was joking when he claimed that “everyone here’s been vaccinated anyway“, because he’s wearing a face mask and doesn’t take it off at all – a vaccinated person does not need to wear a face mask
  • When another journalist pointed out that the study would mean it’s only about dangerous as the flu, Doug Mills asked, “so it’s a hoax?
  • John Roberts can be heard in the background, saying, “No, I don’t think it’s a hoax” – referring to the new USC study.

Fact #4 : John Roberts Clarified The Conversation

John Roberts publicly tweeted that his conversation with Doug Mills was sardonic humour and sarcasm. And he clearly said that there is NO vaccine, and COVID-19 is NOT a hoax.

John Roberts Tweets on Hot Mic COVID-19 controversy

Fact #5 : COVID-19 Vaccines Are Still Under Development

At the US Coronavirus Task Force press briefing, US President Donald Trump talked about the development of the COVID-19 vaccine at two separate occasions.

He mentioned that tremendous progress was being made on vaccines, and specifically pointed out that Johnson & Johnson are very well along with their vaccine.

If the Trump Administration has a vaccine, and Doug Mills was correct that everyone there was already vaccinated, it wouldn’t make sense for Donald Trump to say that.

In fact, he also pointed out that vaccines have to be tested, and ended by saying that “it will be a great thing when we have that, and we will have that“.


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