Fact Check : Fake Police Raid On Penang Condo?

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A woman live-streamed a police raid on her condominium in Penang, claiming that they could be robbers posing as fake police officers.

Her livestream went viral. Find out what really happened, and what the facts really are!


Viral Video Of Fake Police Raid On Penang Condo???

On 12 July 2021, a Penang lady live-streamed a police raid on her condominium on Logan Road, claiming that they could be robbers posing as fake police officers.

It didn’t help that they were all in plainclothes and it was very late at night – about 11 PM.

It also did not help that fake news have been circulating on WhatsApp, claiming that robbers pretending to be government officials using fake warrants to rob people.

She refused to let them in, and live-streamed the entire face-off on Facebook.


Truth : Police Raid On Penang Condo Was Genuine, Not Fake!

The truth is the police raid on the Penang condo was REAL, not fake. They were not robbers, but genuine police officers.

The Nilai district police issued a statement on 13 July 2021, clarifying the incident.

On 12 July 2021, police officers from the Nilai Commercial Crime department, acting on Op Pelican information, went to the condominium unit on Logan Road, in Penang.

Fact Check : Fake Police Raid On Penang Apartment?

Accompanied by two fellow officers from the Dato Keramat police station, they were looking for a man to assist in their investigation concerning a case of fraud.

According to Nilai district police chief, Mohd Fazley Ab Rahman, they introduced themselves and presented their police identity cards, but the lady refused to let them in.

The video only showed one of the plainclothes officer wearing a yellow PDRM vest showing what appears to be his MyKad, and not a police ID.

Later, two Penang police officers in uniform arrived at her unit to assure her that the men were not robbers posing as fake police officers.

She then let them into her unit, but they did not locate the man inside. No arrest or seizures was made that night.


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