Scam Alert : Fake DON DON DONKI Giveaway!

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A fake DON DON DONKI giveaway is being actively shared on social media.

Please IGNORE it, and do NOT click or participate in it


Scam Alert : Fake DON DON DONKI Giveaway!

After DON DON DONKI – Japan’s biggest discount chain store – opened their first store in Malaysia, people have gone ga-ga, and scammers have taken notice.

They quickly created a fake DON DON DONKI giveaway, and many people have been sharing it on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Scam Alert : Fake DON DON DONKI Giveaway!

Clicking on it leads you to a fake DON DON DONKI Brand Awareness Survey.

To the uninitiated, it may appear genuine. It has a Google domain, and there is a 100% Guarantee stamp, after all. So how can this be a scam?

Consider for a second the many genuine surveys you have done in the past. Have you ever seen a survey with just TWO questions?

This fake DON DON DONKI survey is intentionally short because the scammer doesn’t want people to quit on seeing a long survey.

Scam Alert : Fake DON DON DONKI Giveaway!

In a genuine survey, you would be asked to key in your details for DON DON DONKI management to contact you.

Instead, after you submit, you are taken to what appears to be a Don Don Donki page, asking if you are a member.

This is a FAKE Don Don Donki page. You have been redirected to, with the string partner_pk=355.

What basically happened is that you have been tricked into this page by the scammer’s affiliate with a partner number of 355, who gets paid for every person tricked into opening this page.

Scam Alert : Fake DON DON DONKI Giveaway!

Whether you choose Yes or No, you will be taken to the same page which is made to look as if you are registering for the voucher.

The truth is you are being tricked into agreeing to share your information with AP Marketing Asia Pacific Limited – a Hong Kong company that collects data to sell, or to push promotions for their clients.

If you key in your details, then you are agreeing to let them sell your email address and contact information to third-parties, as well as accept promotional offers from their clients.

In the next page, they will ask you for your mobile number, and your date of birth. This exposes you to scammers who can use this information for phishing attacks against you or your bank.

In subsequent pages, you are asked to participate in surveys for their clients like Etiqa, and then asked to participate in even more surveys and games.

Ultimately, this is nothing more than a scam to get you to participate in AP Marketing Asia Pacific Limited‘s marketing games and surveys.

You will NOT receive anything and only waste your time. Even worse, you will expose your personal information to AP Marketing’s clients, who may include other scammers.

So please WARN EVERYONE about this fake Don Don Donki giveaway!


Don Don Donki Confirms Giveaway Scam!

Don Don Donki was quickly alerted about this giveaway scam, and they issued a statement warning their fans not to participate.


Dear DONKI Fans,

We were informed that a fake page is pretending to be us and is running a giveaway contest.

Please note that DON DON DONKI Malaysia has only one official Facebook ( and Instagram (

To protect your personal details, please do not engage, instead report suspicious pages.

We are grateful for loyal DONKI fans who made us aware of this situation.

Keep safe offline and online. Thank you!


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