Did Delta Variant COVID-19 Infect 94 People Buying Durian?

Did 94 people get infected by the Delta variant of COVID-19, while buying durian from roadside stalls?

Take a look at the latest viral durian warning, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Did Delta Variant COVID-19 Infect 94 People Buying Durian?

This warning went viral on WhatsApp, claiming that 94 people were infected by the Delta variant of COVID-19, while buying durian from roadside stalls in Ulu Yam and Batang Kali.

Please Stay Away from Durian Stalls or Seller at the Roadside of Supermarkets !

94 Positive Cases in a short while after trying to Select durian at Durian Stalls at Ulu Yam, Batang Kali on the way to North and Genting Highlands!

Delta Variant spread in just 14 seconds ! People selecting durian took durian up to their nose and breathe in and out and the next one, Kena Kaw2 and the spread continues !

To all durian lovers…pls take note.


No, 94 People Buying Durian Did Not Get Delta Variant Of COVID-19!

It’s the durian season, and inevitably, COVID-19 fake news now have a durian flavour to them.

This is FAKE NEWS, and here are the FACTS. Please SHARE this article with your friends!

Fact #1 : Delta Variant Is Highly Infectious

It is true that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is highly infectious. There is growing evidence that people can be infected after close contact of mere seconds.

However, those cases involve people who did not wear face masks, as I explained here.

You can minimise your risk by maintaining a distance of 2-3 metres from other people, and wearing a face mask (preferably double-masked).

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Fact #2 : COVID-19 Spreads From Infected People

COVID-19, whether it’s the Delta variant or not, does not spread through fomites – infected items or surfaces – like a durian.

You will not get infected by COVID-19 from sniffing durians at a roadside stall. You can only get it if you come into close contact with an infected person.

So maintain a physical distance of 2-3 metres from other people, and always wear a face mask!

Fact #3 : No One Got Infected At Durian Stalls

On 28 June 2021, the Malaysia Ministry of Health (KKM) said it’s fake news. They said that the viral message about people getting infected at durian stalls in Ulu Yam is not true.

Fact #4 : Vaccines Can Protect Against Delta Variant

Although two Chinese vaccines are known to offer less protection against the Delta variant, they still offer some protection.

The Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines have been proven to offer robust protection, but only with two doses.

Therefore, it is important to get yourself FULLY VACCINATED as soon as you can.


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