Was “Dead” Ukrainian Man Caught Waking Up On Live TV?!

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Was a “dead” Ukrainian man caught waking up on TV, during a live telecast of civilian casualties?!

Take a look at the viral video, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : “Dead” Ukrainian Man Was Caught Waking Up On Live TV!

People are sharing a video which they claimed is evidence of Ukrainian fake news.

It shows a reporter speaking, with rows of civilian casualties of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when one of the “victims” woke up on live TV!

This is a transcript of what the reporter appears to narrate in English in the video :

At least 59 people killed, at least 149 people wounded. Those numbers are going to go up. There’s just no question about that. You have fierce fight in a number of…


Truth : “Dead” Ukrainian Man Was NOT Caught Waking Up On Live TV!

This is yet another example of anti-Ukrainian fake news, created and distributed by the pro-Russia activists, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Chyron Was Faked

The video was edited, with a fake chyron covering up the real chyron :

Fake Chyron : Ukrainian Health Ministry: 57 Dead, 169 Hurt Across Ukraine As Russia Launches Attack


Fact #2 : Voiceover Was Faked

The reporter in the video was Marvin Bergauer of oe24TV, an Austrian TV channel. However, he was speaking in German, not English.

The English voiceover in the fake video was taken from this 24 February 2022 NBC News video. You can hear NBC news correspondent Cal Perry say those same exact words starting at 3:37 of the video.

Fact #3 : Fake Video Shared By Pro-Russia Groups

This fake video was “improved” in these aspects over the original version that was released in Chinese groups.

This version appears to be made by Russian operatives, and was given a boost by Lee Stranahan, a Radio Sputnik host who shared it out on Twitter with the comments “How to lose your job as a crisis actor…

Twitter only took it down later, after accumulating over 700,000 views, but versions of it continue to be shared on Twitter, TikTok, etc. as well as pro-Russia and pro-China groups on WhatsApp and Telegram.

Read more : Was “Dead” Ukrainian Crisis Actor Caught Waking Up On TV?!

Fact #4 : Video Was About A Climate Change Protest

The video was actually about a climate change protest in Vienna, as these English translations will tell you :

  • WIEN: DEMO GEGEN KLIMAPOLITIK = Vienna: Demo against climate policy
  • Aktuell Klimapolitik Nicht = No to the current climate policy

The “dead bodies” were not crisis actors, but 49 protesters in body bags outside the Federal Chancellery in Vienna. This was what oe24 reporter, Marvin Bergauer, was saying in German :

No greenhouse gas and reduction targets in Austria for 400 days. That is the official title of this event here, this demonstration.

It was organised by Fridays For Future… Here you can also see this protest action, which is somewhat macabre. Forty-nine people are lying here on the ground to represent the climate deaths.

Fact #5 : Video Was Taken Before Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

This video was recorded on 4 February 2022 – 20 days before Russia invaded Ukraine.

You can confirm this in the official oe24TV broadcast page for this protest, as well as this tweet by the Fridays for Future group in Vienna.

Fact #6 : Video Was Also Misused By COVID-19 Deniers

This video was also misused earlier by COVID-19 deniers who claimed that these are crisis actors in Germany who pretended to be dead COVID-19 patients.

They were sharing it as evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic was staged or planned, and that people did not actually die from it.

This video was already circulating in the West since 9 February 2022, so it would be really peculiar for Russian disinformation teams to reuse it.

This would suggest that the video is being used by Chinese disinformation efforts unfamiliar to its earlier circulation in the West.

This fake news appears to be part of the disinformation campaign conducted by pro-Russia activists.

It is also being shared by the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛), and their supporters.

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