Scam Alert : COVID-19 Relief Fund By Federal Government!

Please watch out for the COVID-19 Relief Fund by Federal Government scam!

Find out why it is just a SCAM, and WARN your family and friends!


Scam Alert : COVID-19 Relief Fund By Federal Government!

People are now sharing this COVID-19 RELIEF FUND message on WhatsApp :

Apply For The Covid-19 Relief Fund Provided By The Federal Government. Hurry Up, It takes few seconds to apply. Dont [sic] miss this opportunity.

Apply Here

Note : I added the Scam Alert overlay to prevent it from being further abused.


COVID-19 Relief Fund : Why This Is A Scam

I know many of us are in dire straits during this COVID-19 pandemic, having lost jobs, income or even loved ones. Unfortunately, scammers are counting on our desperation to prey on us.

I will now show you why this COVID-19 Relief Fund message is just another scam. Please warn your family and friends!

Fact #1 : No Global Relief Fund By Any Federal Government

When a scam tells you that “the federal government” is giving away money, you should always ask yourself – WHICH federal government???

No government in the world is giving away money to anyone across the world. Not even the three richest economies in the world – US, China and the EU – have a COVID-19 relief fund to give money away like that.

Fact #2 : The Three Questions Are A Red Herring

Most of these scams employ simple but useless questions to trick you into thinking that this is genuine. Look at the three questions this scam is asking :

  • What’s your age range?
  • How much money do you want to receive?
  • What’s your employment status?

In a real government relief programme, your eligibility status will be based on some official document – your identity card, driver’s licence, passport, etc.

No one is going to give you money simply because you answer a few questions. And NO ONE is ever going to ask you how much you want to receive!

Fact #3 : No Government Will Ask You To Invite Friends / Groups

A real government relief programme will NEVER ask you to invite friends and groups on WhatsApp, much less insist that you invite 15 friends or 5 groups before they give you money.

That’s a dead giveaway that this is a scam, and the scammers want you to help them scam other people. So NEVER invite your friends to join the scam.

Fact #4 : SNF Global Relief Initiative Is Not By Any Federal Government

To make the scam look legit, the scammers used the SNF Global Relief Initiative for the COVID-19 Pandemic graphics.

That initiative is not by any government, but by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

And just in case you are wondering, no, the SNF does not give away money to individuals. They only make grants to non-profit organisations and collaborative funds.

Fact #5 : The Domain Is New + Protected

If you check the domain ““, you will see that it was only created on 24 March 2021.

Even more suspiciously, all contact and ownership details have been REDACTED FOR PRIVACY. That’s often a sign that the owners are worried about being sued or prosecuted.

Registry Domain ID: ac787c4c5c19460696fa1bf46d133faa-DONUTS


Registry Expiration: 2022-03-24 11:41:35 UTC
Updated: 2021-03-29 11:42:31 UTC
Created: 2021-03-24 11:41:35 UTC

Organization: Privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf
Email: Please query the RDDS service of the Registrar of Record identified in this output for information on how to contact the Registrant, Admin, or Tech contact of the queried domain name.

Fact #6 : The Comments Are Completely Faked

You may notice a bunch of comments at the bottom of the scam website. They are only there to trick you into thinking that other people received the money.

Try refreshing them. They will never change, unlike a real live comment stream. The time codes will not change either.

Try clicking on the Like option. Nothing will happen. Your Like will not register.

That’s because this is a fake comment stream. It’s all hardcoded and fixed.

Now that you know that this is just another scam, please warn your family and friends.

And please remember – no one gives away money like that. Don’t fall for these scams!


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