Was CNN Reporter Caught Faking Chinese Translation?

CNN Reporter Caught Faking Chinese Translation On TV?

Did a CNN reporter get caught lying on live TV about what a Chinese man really said?

Take a look at the viral video, and find out what the FACTS really are!


CNN Reporter Caught Faking Chinese Translation On TV?

A video clip showing a CNN reporter lying about what a Chinese man said on live TV is going viral, together with this message :

All he said was, “I just finished dinner with friends and want to catch up on my texts.”
If you know Mandarin, you can see how CNN can make up their news.
I can’t believe CNN will go this low.

In the video, the CNN reporter is seen asking a Chinese man why he’s drinking by himself.

The man replied (in Chinese) that he just had dinner with friends and was now, just taking a look at his phone.

But the CNN reporter told the CNN anchor a completely different story,

“Jesus, you can see by the look on his face. This man told me that his family had been taken away, that his brother’s sick, and he can’t get out.”

“And the only thing that’s left to do is drink. And really, I can’t blame him. Poor guy.”


No, The CNN Reporter Was Not Faking Chinese Translation Because…

… the truth is this video was edited, and is being used as Chinese propaganda.

In this video, we will show you why this video is NOT real, and is just another piece of Chinese propaganda.

The viral video clip is really a 29 second segment of a much longer video that runs 4 minutes and 19 seconds.

The original video was created by a UK student living in China, who calls himself Comerad James.

He stated clearly in his original video that he wanted to show how easy it was to make fake news.

Anyone watching his video can see that it was intentionally satirical, with the title CNN Global Bullcast, and his nickname there – Comerad James.

You can even see that both the CNN anchor and the CNN reporter are the same person – Comerad James himself.

And note that he even put in all sorts of Easter eggs – GME (GameStop) share price rising 9999%, and chyrons about public alcoholism spiralling out of control because Chinese citizens are giving up hope.

Comerad James created this video to satirise the “lack of integrity” of CNN and BBC in covering news on China.

Ironically, his video ended up being edited and used by Chinese propagandists to malign CNN’s integrity. So much for “integrity”.

The truth is major news organisations like CNN have fact-checkers and native speakers. Such a broadcast would have been caught very quickly, and they would have apologised for it.

If they didn’t, news of this would spread like wildfire and CNN would have been justifiably castigated online. Not just by Chinese citizens and Sinophiles, but also by other media outlets and the public in general.

On the other hand, Chinese propaganda outlets masquerading as news agencies like CGTN have never apologised or corrected themselves, even after they were caught lying.

Heck, the Chinese Foreign Ministry themselves lied publicly to back up CGTN’s false claims.

When you see such videos, THINK TWICE before forwarding them. You could be helping to propagate Chinese fake news / propaganda.

But feel free to share them with us, so we can fact-check them.


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