Fact Check : CMCO / PKPB Extended To 31 December 2020?

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Was the CMCO / PKPB lockdown extended until 31 December 2020 by Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin?

Find out what’s going on, and what the FACTS really are!


Claim : CMCO / PKPB Extended To 31 December 2020!

The viral claim consisted of a video of Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, with the message:

CMCO extended until 31/12

In the video, the Prime Minister appeared to announce that the CMCO / PKPB lockdown would be extended until 31 December 2020.

However, he was not talking about the CMCO / PKPB lockdown… so we placed the FALSE overlay to prevent further abuse.

Fact Check : CMCO / PKPB Extended To 31 December 2020?


No, CMCO / PKPB Was Not Extended To 31 December 2020

The video does indeed show Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announcing the extension of the lockdown to 31 December 2020.

However, this video was recorded much earlier, on 28 August 2020, when he announced the extension of the PKPP / RCMO to 31 December 2020, not PKPB / CMCO.

You can see RMCO (Recovery Movement Control Order) or PKPP (Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Pemulihan) mentioned in the screenshot below.

Fact Check : CMCO / PKPB Extended To 31 December 2020?

The Malaysian Prime Minister is expected to announce an extension of the CMCO / PKPB lockdown later this week.

But the extension is expected to be for an additional 2 weeks – from 7 December until 20 December, not until 31 December 2020.

However, nothing is certain until the official announcement is made.

This is the second fake news about a lockdown extension today, after the PKPD / EMCO extension hoax.


RMCO / PKPP vs CMCO / PKPB : What’s The Difference?

Recovery MCO (RMCO or PKPP) is the most lenient form of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, with greater liberalisation of the economy :

  1. Interstate travel is permitted, except to areas under Enhanced MCO (EMCO) or administrative restrictions.
  2. Barbers and hair salons are allowed to reopen, subject to SOP.
  3. Beauty parlours and nail salons are allowed to reopen, subject to SOP.
  4. Museums are allowed to reopen.
  5. Busking (indoor) and filming activities will be allowed.
  6. Meetings and workshops will be allowed.
  7. Morning / evening / night markets are allowed.
  8. Hawker stalls are allowed.
  9. Recreational fishing and commercial fisheries will be allowed.
  10. Gyms and snooker halls will be allowed.
  11. Non-contact sports like bowling, badminton, archery and shooting will be allowed.
  12. Outdoor group sports like kayaking and cycling will be allowed.
  13. Indoor sports like snooker, yoga, aerobics will be allowed.
  14. Malaysia’s borders remain closed, but local tourism will be allowed.
  15. Religious activities, like Hari Raya Aidiladha celebrations, will be allowed, subject to JAKIM’s SOP
  16. Schools will be reopened in stages throughout the RMCO, based on advice from the Ministry of Education.
  17. Places of worship will be allowed to reopen, subject to SOP
  18. Normal business operating hours to resume, with social distancing, hand washingface masks.

The current Conditional MCO (CMCO or PKPB) is less lenient, limiting interstate travel only for work and business purposes only, among other limitations :

  • Only two persons from each household are allowed to go out to purchase food supplies or daily necessities.
  • Only two persons from each household are allowed to dine-in at any restaurant / cafe.
  • No one is allowed to enter or leave the areas under CMCO lockdown.
  • Interstate travel is forbidden, except for work, economic or industrial purposes.
  • Supermarkets, shopping malls and retail stores are allowed, between 6 AM and 12 AM.
  • Restaurants, food stores, food trucks, hawkers, food courts, food stalls, food kiosks, groceries and convenience stores are allowed to open from 6 AM until 12 AM.
  • All public and private schools, institutions of higher learning, vocational training institutes, kindergartens, day care centres, tahfiz centres, public parks and recreation centres must close.
  • All seminars, workshops, courses, training, conferences, lectures and MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) are forbidden.
  • All domestic tourism activities that cross into or out of the CMCO areas are forbidden.

For more details, please see Peninsular Malaysia : Official CMCO / PKPB SOP!


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