Did Chinese Bombers Fire On US Aircraft Carrier?!

Did Chinese bombers fire on the US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt in the South China Seas?

Take a look at the viral news, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Claim : Chinese Bombers Fire On US Aircraft Carrier In South China Sea

A YouTube video is going viral on WhatsApp, claiming that Chinese bombers fired on an US aircraft carrier in the South China Sea.

It is usually shared without commentary because the title speaks for itself, and the video itself repeats the same claim.


Truth : Chinese Bombers Did NOT Fire On US Aircraft Carrier

This is fake news by an unknown YouTube channel called M News, and here are the FACTS.

Fact #1 : Chinese Bombers Did Not Fire On US Aircraft Carrier

It bears repeating – this is FAKE NEWS. Chinese bombers did not fire on any US aircraft carrier.

If that really happened, it would have been a major news story all over the world. It would have certainly started a major war between the United States and China.

You didn’t hear anything about it, did you? What makes you think some unknown YouTube website called M News would have an exclusive scoop on this story?

Fact #2 : The USS Theodore Roosevelt Incident Happened In January 2021

Eight Chinese H-6K bombers, escorted by four J-16 fighters and a single Y-8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft practiced a mock attack on USS Theodore Roosevelt as it sailed between Taiwan and the Philippines on 23 January 2021.

The H-6K bomber pilots could be heard in cockpit conversations confirming orders for the simulated targeting and release of anti-ship missiles against the carrier.

However, the Chinese strike group remained more than 250 nautical miles (463 kilometres) away from the carrier group – beyond the 248 mile (459 km) range of their YJ-12 anti-ship missiles.

Fact #3 : M News Ripped It Off Popular Mechanics

M News used stock footage, and a text to voice software to recite a Popular Mechanics article by Kyle Mizokami on the USS Theodore Roosevelt incident, word for word.

The creator didn’t even bother to edit out the part about the “the map embedded in the tweet above” – the tweet was in the article, but not the video.

The only original thing the creator did was to insert the fake news chyron claiming that Today: Chinese Bombers fire on US Aircraft Carrier in South China Sea.

And of course, sharing it on WhatsApp so you would share it too.

Fact #4 : The Date Changes Daily

M News garnered more than 2 million views for this video, but only because they changed the date in the title on a daily basis!

This allows them to keep sharing the video on social media, and WhatsApp, to fool people into clicking and watching their video.

They first posted the video on 3 February 2021, but they keep changing the date in the title, to make it look “new” and “current”.

Now that you know that M News posts fake videos and fake news, please WARN your family and friends.

And please STOP sharing M News videos, and definitely DO NOT visit their YouTube channel!


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