Fact Check : China Lifted KRI Nanggala From 838 Metres?

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Did China lift the Indonesian submarine, KRI Nanggala, from the depths when no other country could?

Find out what’s going on, and what the FACTS really are!


Claim : China Lifted KRI Nanggala From 838 Metres!

This viral message has been circulating on WhatsApp, together with a gruesome video showing naked and half-naked bodies of dead men lined up on the floor.

The submerged Indonesian submarine was successfully lifted from a depth of 838 meters, killing 53 people. previously asked for help from neighboring Singapore, Australia, Malaysia. but they were unable to lift from below 800 meters, in the end Indonesia asked the Chinese Government for help. China immediately lifted it with heavy equipment. Finish this job.

We will not show you the video, but we can share this screenshot with you.

Fact Check : China Lifted KRI Nanggala From 838 Metres?


China Lifted KRI Nanggala From 838 Metres? Another Fake Story!

This is yet another fake story about the awesomeness of the Chinese government… and here are the facts.

Fact #1 : KRI Nanggala Has Not Been Recovered… Yet

The Chinese Navy has been assisting in the recovery of KRI Nanggala since 4 May 2021, using three ships :

  • Nantuo-195 – an ocean tug
  • Yongxing Dao-865 – an ocean salvage and rescue ship
  • Tan Suo 2 – a scientific research vessel

As of 17 May 2021, they have NOT recovered the Indonesian submarine, KRI Nanggala, or any bodies from the wreck.

Fact #2 : Singapore, Australia, Malaysia Were Not Asked To Recover KRI Nanggala

It is false to claim that Singapore, Australia and Malaysia were asked to help recover KRI Nanggala from the depths of over 800 metres, but failed.

None of those countries were asked to assist in the recovery of KRI Nanggala, so how could they fail at a task they never even attempted?

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Fact #3 : The Video Is Not Of KRI Nanggala Sailors

The gruesome video was used to imply that the Chinese government recovered the bodies of KRI Nanggala sailors.

After analysing the video, we can safely say that the video does NOT show the bodies of KRI Nanggala sailors.

For one thing – no body from KRI Nanggala has been recovered so far.

Secondly, the KRI Nanggala went down with 53 people onboard, but there are about 100 dead bodies in the video!

Finally, at least three men can be seen wearing the longyi – the Burmese sarong, and one of the men in the video is wearing a vest with Burmese script.

Therefore, the video was very likely taken in Myanmar, and the dead men could well be people killed by the junta after the coup.

Fact Check : China Lifted KRI Nanggala From 838 Metres?


Who Would Create Lies About KRI Nanggala???

With China’s aggressive foreign stance in recent years, it is not uncommon to see such fake stories being created and shared.

Some believe it’s part of a concerted attempt to burnish China’s image overseas.

Others believe the many fake stories are being created to drown out the negative coverage of China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative, and their aggressive moves in the South China Sea.

Whatever the reasons may be, it is our duty as global citizens to stop the proliferation of such fake stories.

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