Fact Check : Business Card Knife Used To Rob Car Owners?

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Are robbers using a concealed business card knife to slash and rob car owners?

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Claim : Business Card Knife Used To Rob Car Owners!

People are anxiously sharing a set of photos, together with these messages in English and Malay, on Facebook and WhatsApp :

Just now, according to info received from a traffic police friend, there are already six card owners made police reports, if there is someone holding a name card and knock at your car window asking for direction.

Please do not open your car windows, as there is a cutter placed under the name card which is used for slashing victim’s face and rob.

Please be extra careful! Kindly convey this message! Please also send to those who are not driving too, for the sake of their friends who are driving!

Fact Check : Business Card Knife Used To Rob Car Owners?


Truth : Business Card Knife NOT Used To Rob Car Owners!

The truth is – this is FAKE NEWS that has been circulating since 2014, and resurfacing every few years or so.

And here are the facts…

Fact #1 : Business Card Knife Does Not Look Like Name Card

Despite its name, the business card knife does NOT look anything like a business card or name card.

It’s much thicker and usually black in colour, and looks like a business card holder than an actual name card.

The more bespoke models are thin enough to fit into the credit card slot of your wallet, which usually fits 2-3 credit cards.

But NO ONE will be foolish enough to believe that such a device is an actual name card…

Fact #2 : Business Card Knife Unfolds Like Origami

The business card knife is designed as an emergency pocket knife that fits the credit card slot of your wallet, so quick deployment is not the purpose.

It does not work like a switchblade, but literally unfolds like origami – this looks impressive but is not easy to do quickly.

Business Card Knife unfolding
Photo Credit : MrEssentist

Therefore, it would be pretty idiotic for any robber to use a business card knife. It makes far more (criminal) sense to use a real name card / map, and knife hidden out of sight!

Some people claim that the robber could have stuck a real name card on top. But in reality, it would prevent the knife from unfolding properly.

Fact #3 : Injury Photos Unrelated To Car Robbery

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) confirmed that the photo of an injured lady was “from a different robbery incident“, and unrelated to this viral claim of a car robbery involving a business card knife.

The injured man is London Rene, a US reality star who appeared in the WH1 series – Mob Wives.

He was slashed with a box cutter at Club Output in the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Williamsburg in December 2014, requiring 120 stitches on his face and 30 stitches each on his stomach and arm.

Obviously, his injuries had NOTHING to do with any car robbery attempt. Neither were they a result of a business card knife.

Fact Check : Business Card Knife Used To Rob Car Owners?

Now that you know the truth, and why it is impossible to use such business card knives or name card blades to fool car drivers, please SHARE this fact check with your family and friends.

We need to stop the spread of this fake news which has been circulating since 2014!

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