Fact Check : Avoiding The Future Plague, The Viral 1956 PSA!

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The 1956 PSA – Avoiding The Future Plague – is going viral on social media for its amazingly prescient look at the world today, and the COVID-19 pandemic!

Take a look at this PSA from the 1950s, and find out if it truly predicted everything from the Internet, social media and COVID-19!


The Viral 1956 PSA : Avoiding The Future Plague

Avoiding The Future Plague is purportedly a PSA (Public Service Announcement) from 1956.

It went viral because it was extremely prescient, predicting everything from maglev trains, the Internet, the smartphone, and transatlantic flights.

It even accurately predicts that by 2020, a new virus will arise in Asia and spread across the world.

It also claims that there is a solution, a way to avoid this future plague, but the clip ends with the rest of the footage missing, after an advertisement.


Avoiding The Future Plague : The Truth About This Viral PSA

The production quality is very good, but this isn’t an actual PSA from the 1950s. Here are the facts…

Fact #1 : The Video Was Created In February 2020

Avoiding The Future Plague is really a joke video created by the YouTuber, RamsesThePigeon.

He posted the video on 29 February 2020, stating that :

It’s hilarious to look back on what people from the 1950s thought the future would be like!

Also, yes, I only threw this together because I wanted to have a video upload on February 29th.

He even dropped a hint in the beginning – the production date of the video is also February 29.

Fact Check : Avoiding The Future Plague, The Viral 1956 PSA!

Fact #2 : It’s A Mash-Up Of Archival Footage

He created it from archival and public domain footage from the 1940s and 1950s, sharing that :

Archival and public domain footage was acquired from Archive.org.

Fact #3 : Doeskin Kitchen Napkins Actually Exist!

Believe it or not, Doeskin Kitchen Napkins actually exist!

And the “sponsor’s message” in the video is a genuine Doeskin advertisement from 1954.


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