Anonymous Affiliates Are Attacking Russian Space Agency!

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After Anonymous declare a cyberwar against Russia, their affiliates are going after the Russian space agency, Roscosmos.

Here is what they accomplished so far!


Anonymous Affiliate NB65 Attacked Russian Space Agency!

On 28 February 2022, the hacking group – Anonymous Network Battalion 65′ (NB65), which hacked and released over 40,000 files from the Russian Nuclear Safety Institute.

They then turned their attention to the Russian Space Agency, claiming to shut down the WS02 Vehicle Monitoring System server at the Roscosmos Control Center on 1 March 2022.

The Russian Space Agency sure does love their satellite imaging.

Better yet they sure do love their Vehicle Monitoring System.

The WS02 was deleted, credentials were rotated and the server is shut down.

Network Battalion isn’t going to give you the IP, that would be too easy, now wouldn’t it?

Have a nice Monday fixing your spying tech. Glory to Ukraine.

We wont [sic] stop until you stop dropping bombs, killing civilians and trying to invade.

Go the fuck back to Russia.

Anonymous Affiliates Are Attacking Russian Space Agency!

However, Roscosmos Chief Executive, Dmitry Rogozin denied the claim, saying that “The information of these scammers and petty swindlers is not true. All our space activity control centers are operating normally.


Anonymous Affiliate v0g3lSec Hacked Russian Space Agency Website!

On 3 March 2022, another Anonymous affiliate, v0g3lSec, hacked a website owned by the Russian Space Agency –

This appears to be the official website for the World Space Observatory-Ultraviolet (WSO-UV) telescope, also known as the Spektr-UV. It is still down as of 4 March 2022.

Anonymous Affiliates Are Attacking Russian Space Agency!


Anonymous Affiliate v0g3lSec Leaked Russian Space Agency Files!

On 4 March 2022, v0g3lSec released files that were hacked from a private service hosted by the Russian space agency.

The files apparently contained data from Luna – a joint programme between Roscosmos and the European Space Agency (ESA).

  • The leaked data consisted of 261 items, with a size of 729 gigabytes.
  • The executable files (.exe) are from 2012, with a timestamp of 2012-12-20 18:18:57.
  • Most of the documents are from 2009 to 2012, so the files are pretty old.

This suggests that the files that v0g3lSec stole were old data archived by Roscosmos. While it is a technical success, it is unlikely to have any actual effect.

Anonymous Affiliates Are Attacking Russian Space Agency!


Roscosmos Chief Threatens ISS + War

Roscosmos chief, Rogozin, suggested that sanctions against Russia could result in the destruction of the International Space Station (ISS).

If you block cooperation with us, who will save the ISS from an uncontrolled deorbit and fall into the United States or Europe?

Rogozin also said that any cyberattack on Russia’s satellites would be considered casus belli – a cause for war.

However, it is unknown how Roscosmos or Russia plans to declare or effect war against Anonymous, or its affiliates.


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