Fact Check : Is America Rounding The Turn On COVID-19?

US President Donald Trump has been promising that America is rounding the turn on COVID-19 almost every single day.

Find out if America is truly rounding the turn, or if Trump is simply spinning around the merry-go-round!


Donald Trump : America Is Rounding The Turn On COVID-19!

US President Donald Trump has been promising Americans that they are “rounding the turn” or “corner” or “bend” for months now.

Here is a truncated timeline of Trump claiming that America truly is rounding the turn on COVID-19 :

August 31 : First mention of “rounding the final turn” on COVID-19 at a Nevada virtual rally.

September 3 : He said, “we are rounding that turn” at a Pennsylvania rally.

September 18 – 24 : He repeated it on a daily basis.

Trump stopped for a while when he caught the virus, announcing his positive test result on October 2.

October 8 – 9 : He started saying that America was “rounding the turn” on COVID-19 again.

October 11 – 27 : After skipping a day, he has repeated the same claims on a daily basis.


The Truth : America Is FAR From Rounding The Turn On COVID-19

Despite Donald Trump’s insistence from August 31 that America is rounding the turn, the truth is America is on a third wave of COVID-19 infectionsthe largest to date.

Dr. Anthony Fauci prefers to look at it as “an elongated exacerbation of the original first wave“, but no matter how we look at it, “it’s not good news“.

From the day Trump first announced that America was rounding the turn, COVID-19 cases have only surged from 23,204 cases a day to 82,630 cases a day.

The only saving grace – the death rate has remained flat at around 750 per day.

The facts are self-evident, Donald Trump’s claim that America is rounding the turn on COVID-19 is FALSE.

If the trend continues, it is possible that America could see new cases exceed 100,000 per day by the end of the year.

And the death toll is expected to exceed 270,000 by the end of the year.

In short, America is FAR from rounding the turn on COVID-19. Donald Trump is just taking everyone for a spin on his merry-go-round.


The Solution : How America Can FINALLY Round The Turn On COVID-19

There is no easy way to defeat SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, because there is no cure yet and it is highly-contagious.

However, countries like China have shown that it is possible to quickly cut its transmission, and restore normal social and economic activities.

Despite a population 4.3X larger than the United States, China has merely 1% of the cases, and 2% of the deaths in America.

Unless you believe that Chinese scientists and healthcare workers are far, FAR superior to American scientists and healthcare workers, the fault lies with President Donald Trump.

The lack of RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP is the reason why America is faltering so badly against COVID-19.

Trump has consistently dismissed and contradicted the advice of scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci. He even disrupted their efforts by actively encouraging the public not to wear face masks, and to break home quarantine.

Even worse, he keeps peddling fake cures like injecting disinfectants and UV light, as well as unproven cures like hydroxychloroquine, which has killed several people.

America has not rounded the turn, or flattened the curve, because one man – Donald Trump – insisted that he knows COVID-19 better than anyone else in the world.

The only way for America to finally round the turn on COVID-19 is to vote Donald Trump out of office in the 2020 US Presidential Election on November 3.

If Donald Trump gets another four years in office, good luck, America. You will need it.


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