Acronis Cyber Platform APIs Are Finally Open After 16 Years!

Great news for developers and software companies! The Acronis Cyber Platform APIs are finally open after 16 years!

Here is a primer on what it means for software developers and users worldwide.


Who Is Acronis?

Acronis was spun-off SWsoft in 2001, with a focus on backup and data protection software and services. They have since launched anti-ransomware solutions, helping to blunt the highly-debilitating threat.

Last year, Acronis claimed to have stopped over 400,000 ransomware attacks, which they estimated to be worth more than $208 million in damages. That’s an average of $522 per attack!


Acronis Cyber Platform APIs Goes Open

Like many software companies, Acronis derives some revenue from providing access to their APIs. Even their partners would require special permission and fees to connect their software to the Acronis Cyber Platform.

After 16 years of doing this, Acronis has finally realised that it would benefit them more to open up their APIs.

By opening up their APIs, Acronis hopes to encourage more software companies to integrate their software with the Acronis Cyber Platform, instead of a competing, rival platform.


Opening Up Will Expand The Acronis Cyber Platform

Acronis claims they are taking a chance on the company’s future by opening up their APIs. But the days of milking proprietary APIs for revenue is fast vanishing, especially when it comes to cybersecurity companies.

Acronis may boast 5 million end users, and nearly 50,000 channel partners, but that may erode as their competitors offer easier and cheaper (if not FREE) ways for ISVs, OEMS and service providers to integrate their software.

The decision to open up the APIs should make the Acronis Cyber Platform more attractive, and expand the platform’s reach.

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