The Serif (2020) by Samsung : What You Need To Know!

Samsung just unveiled the 2020 edition of The Serif QLED 4K TV with the iconic I profile!

Here is what you need to know about this new Samsung lifestyle television!


The Serif (2020) by Samsung : A Fashion Statement

The 2020 edition of The Serif is one of the three Samsung lifestyle televisions being introduced this year. The others being The Frame and The Sero.

The Serif is targeted at those who want more than just a Samsung QLED TV – a fashion statement that would enhance the decor of the room.


The Serif (2020) by Samsung : What You Need To Know!

The Serif is named for its iconic serifed capital I profile, which is not only stylish but lets you mount it on a stand or any flat surface.

Easy Connectivity

The Serif 2020 is designed to connect wirelessly with your smartphone, with WiFi 5 (WiFi-AC) and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity built-in.

Just tap your smartphone on the bezel. Its Tap View capability will have you watching the movie from your phone, or play your song playlist on The Sero in seconds!

On top of that, it also supports NFC – place your smartphone on top of The Serif to automatically connect and stream your music!

100% DCI-P3 Colour Volume

Thanks to Samsung Quantum Dot technology, The Serif 2020 delivers a full 100% DCI-P3 colour volume, as certified by Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE).

Floor Stand

Instead of being mounted, The Serif 2020 comes with a floor stand, which can be removed if you wish to place The Serif on a table or any flat surface.

Adaptive Voice Amplifier (AVA)

The Serif 2020 monitors ambient noise levels in real-time to detect when they may interfere with your enjoyment.

When it gets noisy, it will isolate, boost and clarify voices or dialogue playing on the TV, so you won’t miss a thing.

Adaptive Picture

The Serif 2020 senses changes in ambient lighting conditions, and automatically adjust its brightness and contrast settings to maintain the best possible viewing experience.


The Serif (2020) by Samsung : Price + Availability

The Serif (2020) by Samsung is available in one size :

  • 55-inch : RM 6,499 (about US$1,558 | £1,199 | A$2,142 | S$2,130)


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