Sony Acoustic Surface Audio+ Explained + Demonstrated!

One of the key features introduced in the new Sony BRAVIA A9G 4K HDR OLED TV is the improved Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, which includes the TV Center Speaker Mode.

Find out what Acoustic Surface Audio+ does, and how it offers a more immersive audio soundscape!


Sony Acoustic Surface Audio+ Explained + Demonstrated!

At the 2019 Sony BRAVIA OLED and LED TV showcase, Sony revealed that they would be introducing the Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology in their latest BRAVIA A9G 4K HDR OLED TV.

To better illustrate how it will greatly improve the audio output, they demonstrated it to us at this exclusive showcase.

Acoustic Surface Audio+

This proprietary Sony technology converts the entire display into a giant speaker. How? It uses two actuators behind the Sony BRAVIA A9G to vibrate the TV panel, directly creating sound from the screen!

In addition, it uses two subwoofers to add bass, and a spatial effect. Together, they deliver a multi-dimensional soundscape that envelopes you, the viewer, for a more immersive viewing experience.

TV Center Speaker Mode

For those with an external amplifier and speakers, the Acoustic Surface capability of the BRAVIA A9G OLED TV offers a unique feature – the TV Center Speaker Mode.

The TV Center Speaker Mode basically turns the A9G‘s display into a giant centre speaker, to complement your external speaker setup. This will allow for greater clarity of dialogue, vocals and instruments in any movie or performance you watch.

Comparison To Acoustic Multi-Audio

Acoustic Surface Audio+ is different from the new Acoustic Multi-Audio capability of the latest Sony LED TVs.

Acoustic Multi-Audio does not have actuators vibrating the display. Instead, it adds two sound-positioning tweeters to provide additional directional cues to the two existing speakers.


Sony Acoustic Surface Audio+ Availability

The Sony Acoustic Surface Audio+ is currently available only in the newly-revealed Sony BRAVIA A9G Premium 4K HDR OLED TV.

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