Samsung Clean Station : Auto Dust Disposal with Air Pulse!

Samsung just launched the Clean Station which is designed to automatically empty the dustbins of their Jet cordless vacuum cleaners!

Find out what else the Samsung Clean Station has to offer, and how much it costs!


Samsung Clean Station : Auto Dust Disposal with Air Pulse!

The new Samsung Clean Station is the industry’s first disposal solution that automatically empties the dustbins of their Jet cordless vacuum cleaners, like the newly-launched Samsung Jet 70 Easy!

Automatic Dustbin Emptying

Simply detach and place the dustbin on top of the Clean Station, and it will automatically empty the dust. You don’t even have to separate the pipe or the cyclone!

Air Pulse Technology

The Air Pulse Technology repeatedly opens and closes the inlet of the suction motor, to create pulsating air currents that shake dust off the dustbin.

Prevents Dust From Spewing Out

The Samsung Jet dustbin has an airtight design, and will only open when it is inserted into the Clean Station. This prevents ultra fine dust from being dispersing back out.

5-Layer HEPA Filtration System

The Samsung Clean Station keeps air clean with its 5-layer HEPA filtration system.

  • Step 1 : a dust bag traps large dust particles
  • Step 2 : a Pre-Motor Filter traps small dust particles
  • Step 3 : an activated carbon filter deodorises the air
  • Step 4 : a noise absorption filter cuts down noise from the motor
  • Step 5 : an ultra-fine dust filter prevents 99.999% of dust (0.3 ~ 10 µm in size)


Samsung Clean Station : Specifications

Specifications Samsung Clean Station
Model VCA-SAE90B
Compatibility Samsung Jet Series
– VS90 / VS90E
– VS75 / VS70
Dustbin Support Up to 0.6 L
Dust Bag 3 EA
Dust Bag Capacity 2.0 L
Power Consumption 1600 watts
Dimensions 185 mm wide
180 mm deep
600 mm tall
Weight 5.5 kg


Samsung Clean Station : Price + Availability

The Samsung Clean Station (VCA-SAE90B) has a recommended retail price of RM 699 / ~US$160 / ~£130 / ~A$252 / ~S$228. Here are some online purchase options :


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