Samsung AR9500T Wind-Free : Briefing + Demo!

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Samsung just introduced the AR9500T Wind-Free Air Conditioner, which features improved Wind-Free cooling technology, and new adaptive cooling and AI capabilities!

Join us for the exclusive briefing and demo session of the new Samsung AR9500T Wind-Free Air Conditioner!


Samsung AR9500T : What Is The Wind-Free Technology?

The Wind-Free Technology that the Samsung AR9500T offers is an automated 3-Step cooling mode that quickly cools the room, while making you feel more comfortable without direct, cold drafts. Here is how it works…

Step 1 : When the Samsung AR9500T starts up, it uses the Fast Cooling Mode to quickly lower the room’s temperature by dispersing cool air farther and wider.

Step 2 : The Samsung AR9500T switches to its Dehumidifying Mode to maintain the optimal level of humidity.

Step 3 : After the desired room temperature and humidity level is achieved, the Samsung AR9500T switches to the Wind-Free Cooling Mode, to maintain those levels without direct, cold drafts by dispersing cool air through 23,000 micro-holes.


Samsung AR9500T : Other Features

The Samsung AR9500T comes with a plethora of the latest cooling technologies to maximise performance and efficiency, as well as new smart home technologies.

AI Auto Cooling

Its new AI Auto Cooling feature automatically analyses the room conditions, user-preferred temperatures and cooling modes, and even the outdoor climate.

It will use all those information to switch to the most appropriate setting, learning over time to better suit the user’s preferences.

SmartThings Control

The Samsung AR9500T is a smart appliance, allowing you to control and monitor it remotely using the Samsung SmartThings app.

Energy Efficient Technologies

The Samsung AR9500T comes with a Digital Inverter Boost compressor, which dramatically reduces the time it takes to reach maximum power, letting it cool the air 43 percent faster than a conventional model.

The Digital Inverter Boost compressor also better maintains the desired temperature with less fluctuation, reducing energy usage by up to 73 percent. No wonder it comes with a 5-Star energy rating for CSPF!

Better Filters + Cleaning

The Samsung AR9500T comes with a Tai-Care Filter that keeps air hygienic by removing large dust particles, fibres and hair, and helps to reduce fine dust, viruses, bacteria and allergens.

It also comes with Easy Filter Plus, which is located right at the top of the unit, allowing for easier removal and cleaning.

Finally, it comes with an Auto Clean feature that prevents bacteria and odour build-up by flushing and cleaning the condenser coils.

Samsung AR9500T Wind-Free Air Conditioner : Briefing + Demo!


Samsung AR9500T : Price + Availability + Deal!

The Samsung AR9500T Wind-Free Air Conditioner is available for purchase at all Samsung brand stores, at these recommended retail prices in Malaysia :

Samsung Malaysia is offering a Purchase with Purchase deal, where every purchase of this new Wind-Free model will entitle you to 50% off one of these two Samsung Air Purifier models :

  • Samsung AX60R5080WD Air Purifier
  • Samsung AX34R3020WW Air Purifier


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