Scam Alert : Remote Control Electricity Saver!

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Please WATCH OUT for this remote control electricity saver scam being promoted on Facebook and WhatsApp!

Find out why it is just a SCAM, and WARN YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!


Remote Control Electricity Saver On Facebook / WhatsApp

After TNB started introducing expanding the installation of the new smart digital meter, people noticed that their electricity bills shot up significantly.

This led scammers to introduce “electricity saving devices”, and the latest one is this Remote Control Electricity Saver that is being promoted on Facebook and WhatsApp.

This Remote Control Electricity Saver (超省电) claims to let you cheat the new digital electricity meter by turning it on and off remotely.

  • Only applicable for digital meter
  • No tracking on adjusting the meter
  • No evidence left to show illegal action
  • Not required to remove the current meter

It is being advertised on Facebook (with our English translation).

Alat Kawalan Jauh Penjimatan Kuasa 🎛
(Remote Control Electricity Saving Device 🎛)
-Single Phase Rm450
-Three Phase Rm750
-Warranty 1 tahun
(-Warranty 1 year)
-Free Postage

如果每个月电费是你的负担⚡⚡救星来啦⚡ ⚡
✔️ 完全不动TMB电表,不更改原本线路,安装后,完全看不出任何破绽,用遥控开关省电…
✅上门安装,做好直接看效果❗ 当天安装,当天开始节省70%或以上电费,终生使用
✅适合所有电表,包括旧电表,digital meter,电子表,及最新的smart meter(single phase or 3 phase meter)

If every month electricity bill is your burden ⚡⚡ ⚡ ⚡
✔️ doesn’t move the TMB meter at all, doesn’t change the original line, after installation, can’t see any break at all, use remote control switch to save electricity…
✔️ is suitable for, land home, storefront, office, factory
✅ is installed at the door, and it’s done to see the direct effect ❗ installation on the day, start saving % or more electricity bills on the same day
Earn ($) in points! Details
The most important thing is to change the electrical meter, our system is just as usable!! ️!!

Scam Alert : Remote Control Electricity Saver!


Remote Control Electricity Saver : Bullshit Scam!

Electricity saving devices DO NOT WORK, period.

So if you see anyone selling them, it’s a scam. You are better off just giving your money to a charity… or to me.

Feel free to ask for my bank account number. At least, you will be supporting my work!

Now, here are the reasons why this Remote Control Electricity Saver is a scam, like all other electricity saving devices!

Reason #1 : The Videos Are So Fake

The videos they use as “evidence” are so fake. They basically shows the scammer turning the electricity meter on and off using the Remote Control Electricity Saver.

In reality, one scammer just turns an electrical appliance on and off, whenever his/her partner turns the Remote Control Electricity Saver off and on.

What does it prove? Absolutely nothing!

Reason #2 : The Device Looks Like A Piece Of Shit

These scammers do not even bother to make their Remote Control Electricity Saver look decent.

It looks like a cheap toy from the bargain bin in the 1980s – a crude black plastic box with tiny buttons and two LED lights. Something kids might pretend is a remote detonator for a toy bomb.

Scam Alert : Remote Control Electricity Saver! Scam Alert : Remote Control Electricity Saver!

Reason #3 : It Doesn’t Even Pretend To Use A Capacitor

Electricity saving devices use a capacitor to improve the Power Factor* for inefficient devices like fans, fluorescent light ballast and voltage transformers.

By claiming to control the digital meter remotely, it doesn’t even pretend to use a capacitor! What it really claims to do is MAGICALLY stop the digital meter from recording your electricity usage.

* Important Note : Capacitor-based electricity saving devices are still a scam because utility companies do NOT charge residential or small business users for “reactive power” – electricity loss due to Power Factor inefficiency. So it doesn’t matter whether you improve your Power Factor or not – you are only charged for the actual power that is used, and not power that is lost.

Reason #4 : The Man Has Nothing To Do With The Scam

The scammers misappropriated a picture of Liaw San, a retiree from Kajang, making it look like he endorsed their product.

Liaw Sam gained infamy in 2014 when he was slapped with a RM 11,656 (~US$2,914) electricity bill, instead of his usual electricity bill of RM 50~RM200.


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