The Philips Hue Introduction + Experiential Tour

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) today gave us an introduction and experiential tour of Philips Hue. Join us for our coverage of the Philips Hue Experience!


An Introduction To Philips Hue

Philips Hue was introduced in 2012, and first entered the Malaysian market in 2017. It is a personal wireless lighting system that allows you to remotely control your home lighting. As an IoT platform, Hue is upgradable and future-proof, with more features being added over time.

As these are IoT devices, you have the ability to remotely control them from outside of your home. In fact, you can conveniently manage your lighting – everything from brightness to colour – from your mobile device or computer. You also have the ability to save your personal light settings and recreate them at a touch of a button.


The Philips Hue Experiential Tour

The tour showcased the many features of the Philips Hue lighting system – Ambience, Feel Secure, Daily Activities, Wake Up and Go To Sleep Naturally, and Entertainment.

The Hue system comes with what they call “Light Recipes” – pre-programmed lighting settings based on Signify’s research on the biological effects of lighting on the body. They dynamically adjust the bulbs to the optimum shade and brightness of light to help you relax, read, concentrate or energise.


Philips Hue Sync

They also announced the availability of Philips Hue Sync, which increases spatial immersion of your entertainment – be it gaming on a PC, watching a movie on your TV, or listening to music on your radio.  Signify wants us to think of it as surround sound for our eyes.

It is a free app (Windows 10 or macOS) that allows you to synchronise the Hue smart bulbs with games, videos and music that are being played on your computer.


Philips Hue Price + Availability

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Signify offers a Starter Kit (RM 849 / US$ 212) that comes with three white and colour ambience light bulbs, and a bridge controller that plugs into your WiFi router.

Here are some direct purchase links for the Philips Hue Starter Kit, and other components:

You can also purchase the starter kit, extra bulbs and components from Philips authorised retailers, Apple resellers and major IT and electronics stores.

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