Maxis Fibre Broadband : Get WiFi 6 Router For FREE!

Maxis just announced a new WiFi 6 router that will be made available FREE to all new and existing Maxis Fibre Broadband customers! Here are the details…


Maxis Fibre Broadband : Get WiFi 6 Router For FREE!

Maxis just announced the availability of a new WiFi 6 router which promises to deliver faster wireless connectivity with greater range, better signal and the capacity to support more devices.

WiFi 6, also known as Wi-Fi 6 or IEEE 802.11ax or WiFi-AX, is the next-generation Wi-Fi standard, which can deliver up to 1.2 Gb/s of wireless bandwidth.

In addition to higher bandwidth, Wi-Fi 6 boasts reduced interference, increased network efficiency, reduced latency, as well as expanded capacity to support more Wi-Fi devices concurrently.

The new Maxis WiFi 6 router also comes with built-in EasyMesh technology, allowing you to easily expand the WiFi coverage by adding more EasyMesh units.


Maxis WiFi 6 Router : FREE For All New + Existing Customers!

Starting 18 February 2021, Maxis will make this new WiFi 6 router available for FREE to all new customers who sign up for Maxis Fibre plans of 100 Mbps or faster.

Existing Maxis Fibre customers will be contacted in phases for the free router upgrade exercise, with free installation by their Maxperts team.


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