Hollywood Celebrities Start Vax-A-Thon To Fight Antivaxxers!

Hollywood celebrities are angry at antivaxxers, and have started a Vax-A-Thon to fight back!


Hollywood Celebrities To Antivaxxers : Piss Off!

Hollywood celebrities aren’t the brightest bulbs in America, but even they have finally gotten angry at antivaxxers for constantly claiming that they were being killed or injured by the vaccine.

No one was spared – Betty White, Louie Anderson, Bob Saget, Taylor Hawkins, and the great Bruce Willis!

Even worse – antivaxxers went after their own, claiming that stridently antivax Meat Loaf died from his booster dose!

That led antivax Jessica Biel to tearfully plead in a recent Rolling Stone interview :

What they did to Meat Loaf was wrong. So unfair! We did so much for them and they turned on us!

I’m all natural, 100% Pure Blood detoxed a thousand times! If I die, it’s not because of the vaccine!

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Hollywood Celebrities Start Vax-A-Thon To Fight Antivaxxers!

When antivaxxers started going after Bruce Willis, something broke. Not a dam. Maybe the rose-tinted glasses they have been wearing in the past two years.

So they got together for some mimosas and decided to do something about it – A Vax-A-Thon, with a twist.

For every $1000 donation to the FDA, you will get an autographed card of your favourite pharmaceutical executive. Pfizer’s Albert Bourla was reportedly 2:1 as popular as Moderna’s Stéphane Bancel. But Johnson & Johnson will give out cards signed by Ye, since they have no one famous on their team.

But here’s the kicker – if you can cough up a cool $1 million, you can get your favourite Hollywood celebrity to either receive or consume an ENTIRE COVID-19 vaccine vial of your choice!

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and beloved country songstress Dolly Parton were amongst the first celebrities to get a full vial “the traditional way” this morning, and say that they have never felt better in their lives!

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow declined to get the shot in her Pure Blood body, but will prepare and drink a delicious Moderna sorbet (recipe to be shared on Goop) on YouTube Live next week.

Jim Carrey reportedly wanted to reprise his 1997 “man kiss” of Alicia Silverstone with Paltrow on her YouTube Live stream, and slurp the Moderna sorbet from her mouth.

That Paltrow-Carrey livestream will certainly be interesting… if it happens! Brad Falchuk allegedly told Carrey to keep his super-big mouth out of his wife’s mouth.

Nicki Minaj, unfortunately, is not in the list of participating celebrities. Her spokesperson, however, issued a statement saying that she would be open to getting the full vial if Pfizer comes out with a version that gives her nails like Wolverine.

Oddball celebrity Steven Seagal asked to participate, but wished to gift the vial to his good friend, Vladimir Putin, who is forced to sit at really long tables because he was only vaccinated with Sputnik V. No word yet on whether his request was taken seriously, or laughed out of Tinseltown…

But if you are a Putin fan and want to keep him alive for another invasion of Georgia or the Baltic states, make sure you have $1 million handy!


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