The BenQ TK800 4K HDR Projector In-Depth Review!

Even More BenQ TK800 Features

HDR With Wide Colour Gamut

DLP projectors can deliver wide colour gamuts, allowing the displayed colours to be more vivid, and more accurately reflect real world colours. The BenQ TK800 (Price Check) comes with a new 4-segment RGBW colour wheel which allows it to achieve 92% of the Rec. 709 colour space.

BenQ TK800 Rec.709

As a HDR-capable projector,  the BenQ TK800 (Price Check) supports HDR10 content, which are enhanced with their exclusive Auto HDR Natural Colour Rendition and Projector-Optimized HDR technologies.

Auto HDR Natural Colour Rendition automatically analyses the scene and adjusts the colour temperature, and compensates for oversaturated greens and reds.

BenQ TK800 Auto HDR

Projector-Optimized HDR, on the other hand, enhances dark details by preserving details and displaying the grayscales properly. This is probably a combination of a light dump for the micromirrors, and the DMD chip’s ability to produce 10-bits of greyscale (1024 shades).

Do note that you should use HDMI 2.0a/b cables if you plan to display HDR content. Only HDMI 2.0a/b cables are certified for 4K video at 60 Hz with HDR.


Football + Sport Modes

The BenQ TK800 (Price Check) is a home entertainment model that adds two new display modes – Football and Sport.

BenQ TK800 Football Mode

The Football Mode preserves natural skin tones, intensifies the vibrant colours of the lush green grass on the pitch while simultaneously enhancing the clarity of the announcer’s commentary over the loud background noise of a cheering crowd in an open-air stadium.

BenQ TK800 Sport Mode

Sport Mode is ideal for indoor sports and prioritises realistic skin tones, enhancing wood tones as well as offering vivid reds combined with balanced green and blues. The acoustic clarity of a sports commentator’s voice and other subtle details such as squeaking sneakers, referee whistles, and ice scraping under skates are retained and enhanced.


BenQ CinemaMaster Audio+ 2

The BenQ TK800 (Price Check) features their improved CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 technology. It uses a single 5 W speaker, with an aluminium driver diaphragm for better details in the mid and high frequencies, while a resonance chamber provides a more resonant bass. The speaker also uses heat-resistant NdFeB magnets for a longer lifespan, and less distortion.

BenQ TK800 CinemaMaster 2

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