Four 2019 Sony TV Technologies Explained + Demonstrated!

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At the recent 2019 Sony BRAVIA OLED + LED TV Showcase, Sony explained and demonstrated four new 2019 Sony TV technologies, as well as a new 2-way stand for the Sony BRAVIA A8G OLED TV.

Let’s take a look at those four new 2019 Sony TV technologies, and find out how they will impact your viewing experience!

Four 2019 Sony TV Technologies Explained + Demonstrated!


The Four 2019 Sony TV Technologies Explained + Demonstrated!

Let’s take a look at the four 2019 Sony TV technologies that are being introduced in their latest range of OLED and LED TVs.

Acoustic Surface Audio+

The Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology will debut in their latest BRAVIA A9G 4K HDR OLED TV. In addition to two actuators vibrating the TV panel to create sound, it uses two subwoofers to add bass, and a spatial effect.

Together, they deliver a multi-dimensional soundscape that envelopes you, the viewer, for a more immersive viewing experience.

Acoustic Surface Audio+ also introduces a TV Center Speaker Mode, which turns the A9G‘s display into a giant centre speaker, to complement your external speaker setup. This will allow for greater clarity of dialogue, vocals and instruments in any movie or performance you watch.

Pixel Contrast Booster

Pixel Contrast Booster is designed to maximise the OLED panel’s contrast throughout the colour spectrum (instead of just grey tones).

It accomplishes this by analysing each frame and applying the suitable signal enhancements, with feedback from the panel.

X-Motion Clarity

X-Motion Clarity keeps objects looking sharp, bright and clear, even in motion. Each ‘backlight blink’ is individually controlled and its duration optimised, while brightness is boosted when needed.

This is made possible by the 2019 Sony TV range’s full array backlight system, with local dimming capability.

X-Wide Angle

X-Wide Angle is designed to make sure the brightness and colour of an image remain the same at any viewing angle, so that everyone has the best view, no matter how they are positioned in relation to the TV.

Sony accomplished this by optimising the optical panel structure and signal processing to control the direction of light emitted by the backlight.


Extra : New BRAVIA A8G 2-Way Stand

The new Sony BRAVIA A8G features a new 2-way stand design, which can be inverted to support the placement of a sound bar! Check it out!


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