How To Reindex Your Website Using Google Search Console

How To Reindex Your Website Using Google Search Console

Maybe you had problems with your sitemaps, or never had one in the first place. But now you have new sitemaps up, and you want Google to read them and reindex your website as quickly as possible. How do you do that? Let’s find out!


Is It Important To Reindex Your Website?

If your sitemaps were corrupted, or rendered inaccessible by this CloudFlare SSL setting, you will want to quickly reindex your website. Until it is reindexed, Google Search will not refer anyone to your website.

Remember – if Google Search spiders cannot crawl your website, your website pages will not exist in Google Search.

If you had already submitted your new sitemaps in the Google Search Console, Google will eventually get around to crawling your website using those sitemaps.

But time is of essence. Why wait when you can (politely) ask Google to reindex your website?

Credit : This guide was written with help from Kok Kee from Nasi Lemak Tech!


How To Reindex Your Website Using Google Search Console

  1. Login to Google Search Console.
  2. Go to the Fetch as Google section (Crawl > Fetch as Google).
  3. You will want to index from the main page onwards, so just leave the URL blank, and click on the red Fetch And Render button.

  1. You need to do this for both Desktop and Mobile, so click on the dropdown menu, select Mobile and click Fetch And Render again.
  2. You should see the screen below, showing both Desktop and Mobile Googlebot render requested.

  1. Click on the Request indexing button, and the screen below will pop-up.
  2. Click on the reCAPTCHA checkbox challenge, and select Crawl this URL, and its direct links, and click Go.

  1. Repeat the same steps for the Mobile Googlebot.
  2. After you are done, you should see that in both cases, the buttons have been replaced by the notice “Indexing requested for URL and linked pages

  1. That’s it! Google Search will soon reindex your website using the desktop and mobile Googlebots.


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