The HUAWEI P30 Colour + Price + Deal Comparison!

The HUAWEI P30 launch was a shocker, with incredible launch prices and offers. Now, let’s take a look at the HUAWEI P30 colour options, and compare the local and global prices!


The Official HUAWEI P30 Tech Briefing

If you have not already seen it, here is the official HUAWEI P30 tech briefing by Clement Wong from HUAWEI Global Product Marketing.


The HUAWEI P30 Colour Comparison

Globally, there are five HUAWEI P30 colour options – Black, Pearl White, Aurora, Amber Sunrise and Breathing Crystal. However, not all colours are available in all countries, at least not initially.

At the HUAWEI P30 launch, we had the opportunity to check out the three P30 colour options available in Malaysia – Black, Breathing Crystal and Aurora.

Which colour do YOU prefer? 🙂

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The HUAWEI P30 Price Comparison

Let’s compare the prices available globally, and see which country has the best prices!

HUAWEI P30 Model Europe United Kingdom Canada Australia Malaysia
8 GB + 128 GB NA NA NA NA RM 2,699
6 GB + 128 GB € 799
£ 699
CAD 940
A$ 1,099

Right off the bat, we can see that Malaysia has the best prices by far. Prices here are generally between 23% and 26% LOWER than prices in other countries.

Malaysia is also the only country we know where the HUAWEI P30 is available with 8 GB of RAM!

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Canadians have it pretty good too. Their prices are about 20% to 22% lower than prices in other countries.

Australians are not too far behind, with a nice 13% discount for the P30.

Here are some direct purchase or pre-order links :


The HUAWEI P30 Deal Comparison

Now, let’s compare the special pre-order or launch deals for the P30 smartphone!

Model Europe United Kingdom Canada Australia Malaysia
HUAWEI P30 Sonos One Speaker Sonos One Speaker HUAWEI Watch GT HUAWEI Watch GT Wireless Charging Cover
+ 1TB Backup Drive
Value In USD $199 $199 $209 $209 $212

Again, Malaysia stands out above the rest. Not only do Malaysian consumers get different freebies, the value of the freebies is also higher than the other countries.

And again, the Canadians and Australians also have it pretty good. The HUAWEI Watch GT (US | UK | MY) is, arguably, a better freebie than the Sonos One (US | UK | MY) smart speaker!


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