How To Disable Android TV Lock Screen Requirement!

If you own an Android TV, or Android TV box, you might need to disable the Lock Screen requirement. Find out how to do that!


Why Do You Need To Disable Android TV Lock Screen?

Android TV, whether it’s already integrated into your television set, or in a separate box, requires a Google account to download and install apps through the Google Play Store.

If you have been using your Google Workspace account, or the Free Legacy G Suite account, you will likely encounter this error message:

To access your work account on this device, you’ll need to set a lock screen. This is your organization’s mobile device policy.

A lock screen? Android TV has a TV lock option, but by default, that’s disabled and rightly so – TVs traditionally do not require a password when you turn them on!

You can ignore it, and continue to use your Android TV or Android TV box, but you cannot log into Google Play Store to download and install any apps.


How To Bypass Android TV Lock Screen Requirement!

This Android TV Lock Screen error message appears because Google, by default, sets company accounts to require a Lock Screen on all mobile devices.

The easiest way to bypass this Android TV Lock Screen requirement is to simply use a personal Google Account. Or better still, create a new personal Google Account just for your Android TV.

Once you switch to a personal Google account, you won’t have to face this Lock Screen requirement, and can freely download and install apps from the Google Play Store. However, this method only works for people who only intend to download and use free apps.

If you intend to download and install a paid app, like Minecraft for example, then this method won’t work because that paid app is tied to your Google Workspace / Free Legacy G Suite account.


How To Disable Android TV Lock Screen Requirement!

If you need to use your Google Workspace / Free Legacy G Suite account (which is tied to a company) with your Android TV, then you need to disable the Lock Screen policy. In this video tutorial, we will show you just how to do that.

Just in case you prefer a step-by-step guide, here are the steps with screenshots.

Step 1 : Log into Google Admin ( for your Google Account.

Step 2 : Type “Universal Settings” in the search box at the top, and a list of relevant options will appear.

Step 3 : Click on Universal Settings. Alternatively, you can navigate manually using the menu on the left : Devices > Mobile and endpoints > Universal settings

Step 4 : In the Universal Settings page, click on General : Turn on device management and password controls to reveal the available general settings.

Step 5 : In the General section, you will see two options – Mobile management and Password requirements.

Either option will let you disable the Lock Screen requirement in Android devices. So you will need to select one of them.

I will share the two available methods as Option A and Option B below. Choose one.

Option A : Disable Mobile Management

By default, your account is set to Basic (Agentless) mobile management, which applies basic password controls (including requiring the Lock Screen).

Step 6A : Select Turn off mobile management (Unmanaged).

Step 7A : Click on Save to save the changes. The change generally happens instantaneously but can take a few minutes to propagate.

As turning off basic mobile management will deprive you of the ability to wipe work accounts, and remove compromised device protection, I would recommend you try Option B as the first resort, and keep Option A as a back up alternative.

Option B : Disable Password Requirements Recommended!

By default, your account is set to Require users to set a password, which has a basic requirement of “Any screenlock“.

Step 6B : Untick the Require users to set a password checkbox.

Step 7B : Click on Save to save the changes. The change generally happens instantaneously but can take a few minutes to propagate.

I personally recommend using this option, as it would leave you the ability to perform some basic mobile management of your devices.

Step 8 : While the change happens within seconds to minutes, you must remove your Google Account from your Android TV / Android TV box.

Step 9 : Log into Google Play Store using your Google Account again. It should now work properly, without asking you to register a Lock Screen.

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