Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide Rev. 37.3

Page 6 : AMD / ATI Workstation Graphics Cards - Full List

AMD / ATI Graphics Card Models – Full List

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45 thoughts on “Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide Rev. 37.3

  1. Peter Craven

    These graphic card guides are an invaluable source of information to any pc builder wishing to readily select a graphics card to meet any price performance break point. I always download your guides every time they are updated. Thanks for all your continuing efforts. There is no other guide available on the internet!

    Peter Craven (UK)

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  7. Ray

    Why the full list of Nvidia Desktop Graphic Cards and AMD/ ATI Desktop Graphic Card, are not listed on the contest… where i can find it???

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    1. Dr. Adrian Wong Post author

      Sorry, the quick links at the top were broken, although the bottom links were working properly.

      They have all been corrected. Thanks for pointing it out.

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  23. Kannan

    hello, recently I got a spec for Core i3 desktop machine(6th Gen or better). It further shows graphics type as – Integrated graphics and graphics as 4100. Can anyone help me with details of the later two. Thanks.

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  26. Steven

    Just a heads up – The Nvidia lists appear to be broken (although the other manufacturers are working fine). Great site – always check out cards here (which is how I noticed!). Cheers!

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