Watch Dogs Legion Sneak Peek + Ray Tracing Details!

Ubisoft just showed off Watch Dogs Legion at their E3 keynote! Here is a sneak peek of Watch Dogs Legion, including details of its ray tracing support!


Watch Dogs Legion

The third instalment of the Watch Dogs franchise, Legion is set in post-Brexit London full of organised crime and pervasive surveillance.

There is no longer a central protagonist. Instead, you can recruit anyone… literally, ANYONE, from the streets and play that character.

Watch Dogs Legion Sneak Peek + Ray Tracing Details!

Customise Your Team!

You can assemble a team of up to 20 DedSec members, assigning each of them to one of three distinct classes – Enforcer, Infiltrator or Hacker – each with a unique skill set.

Enforcers – can use heavier weapons like assault rifles, and have a shock sticky mine skill!

Infiltrators – can cloak themselves or knock-out enemies by hacking their augmented-reality implants!

Hackers – have access to the Spider Bot, and can hijack military drones!

Take your new operatives out on missions to level up, and gain perks that can be used to modify their class-specific skills!

Fight To Take Back London!

Watch Dogs Legion also boasts an improved melee system with punches, grapples and dodges. Not only are operatives with melee-boosting traits now more valuable, the whole game can be completed using only melee attacks!

That’s because enemies will only escalate to match your attacks – if you don’t use your guns, enemies won’t use theirs.

The cover-shooting system has also been improved, with a number of non-lethal guns and four non-lethal ammo types – shock, concussion, gas and tranquilliser.

This is important because when your operatives die, they are gone for good. Before they die though, you will get a chance to decide whether to keep fighting (to the death) or surrender.

Get the people of London to join the DedSec resistance and take back their city when Watch Dogs Legion launches on March 6, 2019!


Watch Dogs Legion Will Use Real-Time Ray Tracing!

Ubisoft and NVIDIA also jointly announced that the GeForce RTX will be the official graphics platform for Watch Dogs Legion.

“Ubisoft goes to painstaking lengths to recreate the cities featured in their games, and ray tracing will add unprecedented depth to the look and feel of the London setting for Watch Dogs Legion,” said Matt Wuebbling, head of GeForce marketing at NVIDIA.

“NVIDIA’s history of collaborating with Watch Dogs goes back to the beginning of the franchise, and we’re ready to wow PC gamers once again with ray tracing in the latest installment.”

This collaboration means that Legion will be utilise real-time ray tracing and other NVIDIA gaming technologies to deliver ultra-realistic visual effects.

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