Warframe : How To Get FREE 9th Anniversary Pack!

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The 9th Anniversary Pack for Warframe is FREE for a Limited Time!

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Warframe : Now with FREE 9th Anniversary Pack!

Warring factions have brought the Origin System to the brink of destruction. Join the Tenno and defend an ever-expanding universe.

Master your Warframe, build your Arsenal and become an unstoppable force in this genre-defining looter-shooter.

Fight alongside the Tenno in this fast-paced, third-person co-op. Loot up, load out and carve your own path through the sprawling Origin System.

Defend the Origin System and craft more than 40 fully customizable Warframes, each with distinct Abilities and tactical combat roles to fit your playstyle.

Slice and dice your way through nearly 30 different PVE game modes, story-driven Missions and epic cinematic Quests.

Craft, Mod, and customize your Arsenal with Katanas, Crossbows, Flamethrowers and so much more. Upgrade and master more than 500 weapons.

Traverse the sprawling Origin System and explore alien worlds, each with distinct environments, bustling markets and intriguing Quests. Combine combat and traversal abilities with a robust movement system to overcome dynamic boss battles, travel through hostile terrain and conquer challenging obstacles.

Customize your own personal spacecraft, take flight with Archwing for aerial dogfights, and command large-scale Railjack ships for deep-space battles.

Play solo or team up with three friends to fight alongside you. Train a combat pet, call in airstrike support and enlist the help of AI and alien companions with customized loadouts.


9th Anniversary Pack For Warframe

In celebration of nine years of Warframe’s development, Digital Extremes is giving away a free 9 Year Anniversary Pack DLC to all Tenno for a limited time!

Whether you have completed The New War, are preparing for our next big update — Angels of the Zariman — or are a brand new Tenno, the 9 Year Anniversary Pack will bolster your Arsenal and make you a force to be reckoned with!

The Warframe 9th Anniversary Pack comes with :

  • Lex Pistol
  • Weapon Slot
  • Stratus Pistol Skin


Warframe 9th Anniversary Pack : How To Get It Free!

The 9th Anniversary Pack for Warframe is a FREE DLC, so it requires the base game to install.

Follow these instructions to download and install Warframe and the 9th Anniversary Pack, by 4 April 2022, 2 PM ET.

  1. Log into your existing Steam account, or create a new account.
  2. Go to the Warframe page on Steam.
  3. Click on the Play Game button.
  4. Go to the 9th Anniversary Pack page.
  5. Click on the Download button.

That’s it! Both the base game and DLC are now added to your Epic Games account, and you can download and install them anytime after this.


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