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Universal Combat Collectors Edition 2.0 can be downloaded for FREE for a very limited time! Find out how to add it to your Steam account, and tell your friends!


Universal Combat Collectors Edition 2.0

Universal Combat Collectors Edition 2.0 is the ultimate space capital ship combat compendium that spans over two decades and represents the evolution of hardcore space combat sims.

It contains all Commander scenarios from every game in the Battlecruiser and Universal Combat series; and uses the newer game engine from Galactic Command: Echo Squad Second Edition.

  • Command 28 capital ships including carriers, cruisers, transports.
  • Command 46 support crafts including fighters, shuttles and planetary vehicles.
  • Command a crew of over 100 personnel including key personnel such a Flight Officer, Navigation Officer etc.
  • Use fleet command & control to create a massive fleet consisting of your ships and other AI controlled ones.
  • Direct control of various ship systems including shields, reactor, engine, cloaking, tractor beam, transporters and various advanced weapon systems.
  • Track your ship’s AI crew as they go about their on-board duties which include engaging hostile intruders, repairing ship systems, prepping support craft etc.
  • Lead your marines into battle on planets using various weapons of mass destruction.
  • Deploy an away team of (e.g. marines, engineers etc) in a shuttle, deploy them on various planetside missions; complete with advanced orders.
  • Deploy probes to keep track of friendly regions as well as spy on hostile ones.
  • Deploy mining drones on planets to mine for precious minerals which you can then sell for profit.
  • Dock at various space stations and planetary bases to trade, repair, rearm – and of course engage the hostile ones along the way.
  • Capture space stations for your alliance and use them as operational bases, including the ability to use their own fleet of support craft (cruisers, carriers, fighters etc)
  • Play the freeform scenario and roam a large persistent galaxy.
  • No shuttles? Don’t want to risk being shot down? Use the transporter room to deploy your combat away team directly into hostile planets.


How To Get Universal Combat CE 2.0 For Free!

  1. You must first have the Steam client installed, and running.
  2. Then simply click on this link, and allow Steam to load the page.
  3. If requested to install the game, click Cancel.
  4. The page will show the game for sale, but it should also show that Universal Combat CE 2.0 has been added to your account.


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