Total War: Warhammer + 8 DLCs : How To Get Them FREE!

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Total War: Warhammer and 8 DLCs are FREE to download and own for a limited time!

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Total War: Warhammer

The critically-acclaimed Total War: WARHAMMER combines a turn-based campaign of epic empire-building with colossal and explosive real-time battles, set within the incredible world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Hundreds of hours of gameplay await you at the dawn of a new era. Total War: WARHAMMER brings to life a world of legendary heroes, towering monsters, flying creatures, storms of magical power and regiments of nightmarish warriors.

Embark on campaigns of conquest as the valiant men of the Empire, the vengeful Dwarfs, the murderous Vampire Counts and the brutal Orcs and Goblins of the Greenskin tribes.

Each Race is wholly different with its own unique characters, campaign mechanics, battlefield units and play style.


Total War: Warhammer DLCs That Are FREE!

These Total War: Warhammer DLCs are also free :

Grombrindal The White Dwarf

Grombrindal, The White Dwarf himself, is a hero from the time of legends; a powerful living symbol of hope and pride for the Dwarfs and, in times of dire need, he may appear in the flesh to help the Dawi through their tribulations.

As a Legendary Lord with unique campaign mechanics, quests, traits and abilities, Grombrindal brings a new gameplay flavour to the Dwarfen campaign experience.

Isabella von Carstein

Beginning play with ownership of Western Sylvania, Isabella may now be chosen to command a Grand Campaign as the leader of the Von Carstein family.

The power of other Vampires under her command is magnified by their devotion to her, and if she appears on the battlefield with her betrothed Vlad Von Carstein, their combat abilities are mutually strengthened.

As a Legendary Lord with unique campaign mechanics, quests, traits and abilities, Isabella brings a new gameplay flavour to the Vampire Counts campaign experience.

Jade Wizard

Practitioners of The Jade Order study Ghyran, the Lore of Life. They travel the Empire as healers, offering their services to civilians and armies alike.

Wielding the Lore of Life, the Jade Wizard can cast the following spells:

  • Lifebloom (Healing Augment)
  • Awakening of The Wood (Explosion)
  • Flesh To Stone (Augment)
  • Shield of Thorns (Augment)
  • Regrowth (Augment)
  • Earth Blood (Augment)
  • The Dwellers Below (Direct Damage)


The Bretonnia campaign pack introduces the Bretonnian race to Total War: WARHAMMER. Command three new Legendary Lords, plus armies of powerful Knights, men-at-arms, artillery, and heroes.

The notion of chivalry is deeply ingrained in Bretonnia’s feudal culture, and performing chivalrous acts is key to a thriving empire.

Bretonnia also features the unique Errantry Wars endgame objective, which pits you against your mortal foes in a cataclysmic battle.

Grey Wizard

Disciples of the College of The Grey Order, Grey Wizards study Ulgu, The Lore of Shadows. It is an illusive Lore that twists the minds of its targets.

Wielding the Lore of Shadows, Grey Wizards can cast the following spells:

  • Smoke & Mirrors (Augment)
  • Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma (Direct Damage)
  • The Enfeebling Foe (Hex)
  • The Withering: (Hex)
  • The Penumbral Pendulum (Direct damage – wind)
  • Pit of Shades (Vortex)
  • Okkam’s Mindrazor (Augment)


The greatest herald of Gork and Mork, Wurrzag appears in battle as a gyrating lunatic, actively seeking out the heart of the conflict where wizards normally fear to tread. Indeed, when Wurrzag is present, those gifted in the magical arts are advised to steer a wide berth, as magical mishaps are rumoured to befall those nearby!

As a Legendary Lord with unique campaign mechanics, quests, traits and abilities, Wurrzag brings a new gameplay flavour to the Greenskin campaign experience.

Assembly Kit

Welcome to the Warhammer Assembly Kit. Refashion your game with these powerful new tools that expand the Total War Assembly Kit to the Epic Store.

30th Birthday Regiments of Renown

This DLC adds the new regiments of renown to races that previously had none.

  • 6 new regiments of renown for Warriors of Chaos:
    Mirror Guard (Chaos Warriors), The Soul of Damnation (Hellcannon), The Daemonspew (Forsaken), Wyrd Spawn (Chaos Spawn), Swords of Chaos (Chaos Knights), Summoners of Rage (Dragon Ogres)
  • 6 new regiments of renown for Beastmen.
    Destroyers of the Drakwald (Ungor Spearmen Herd – Shields), Black-Horn’s Ravagers (Gor Herd – Shields), Khorrok’s Manrippers (Bestigors), The Eye of Morrslieb (Cygor), Sons of Ghorros (Centigors – Great Weapons), Butchers of Kalkengard (Minotaurs – Shields)
  • 6 new regiments of renown for Wood Elves.
    Winterheart Guards (Eternal Guard – Shields), Wild Hunters of Kurnous (Wild Riders – Shields), Loec’s Tricksters (Wardancers – Asrai Spears), Hawk-eyes of Drakira (Waywatchers), Wardens of Cythral (Wildwood Rangers), Firebark Elders (Treekin)
  • 6 new regiments of renown for Bretonnia.
    Beastslayers of Bastonne (Foot Squires), The Holy Wardens of La Maisontaal (Battle Pilgrims), The Companions of Quenelles (Questing Knights), Knights of the Lionhearted (Knights of the Realm), Defenders of the Fleur-de-lis (Knights Errant), Wardens of Montfort (Mounted Yeomen Archers)
  • 6 new regiments of renown for Norsca.
    Soulcrusher (War Mammoth), Brutes of the Hound (Marauder Berserkers), Beasts of Tashnar (Norscan Warhounds), Mist Stalkers (Fimir Warriors), Maws of Savagery (Skin Wolves – Armoured), Icehorn Marauders (Marauders)


Total War: Warhammer + 8 DLCs : How To Get Them Free!

Make sure you follow these steps to get Total War: Warhammer + 8 DLCs for FREE by 7 April 2022 at 11 PM (GMT+8).

  1. Go to the Epic Store Store.
  2. Log into your Epic Store account, or create a new account.
  3. Go to the Total War: Warhammer page.
  4. Click on the Add to Cart button.
  5. Go to the Total War: WARHAMMER – Assembly Kit page.
  6. Click on the Add to Cart button.
  7. Go to the Total War: WARHAMMER – Wurrzag page.
  8. Click on the Add to Cart button.
  9. Go to the Total War: WARHAMMER – Grey Wizard page.
  10. Click on the Add to Cart button.
  11. Go to the Total War: WARHAMMER – Bretonnia page.
  12. Click on the Add to Cart button.
  13. Go to the Total War: WARHAMMER – Jade Wizard page.
  14. Click on the Add to Cart button.
  15. Go to the Total War: WARHAMMER – Isabella von Carstein page.
  16. Click on the Add to Cart button.
  17. Go to the Total War: WARHAMMER – Grombrindal The White Dwarf page.
  18. Click on the Add to Cart button.
  19. Go to your Epic Games cart, and click on the Check Out button.
  20. In the checkout page, click Place Order.
  21. Sign up for / log into Total War Access and link your Epic Games account to Total War Access (for 30th Birthday Regiments of Renown).

That’s it! You now have Total War: Warhammer and all 8 DLCs in your Epic Games account, and you can download and install them anytime after this.


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