Tint n Ink: Paintball – Get This New Game For Free!

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Tint n Ink: Paintball is free to download for a limited time! Find out how to get it FREE, and TELL your friends!

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Tint n Ink: Paintball

Tint n Ink: Paintball is the definitive paintball game that you have been looking for over a decade. A solution for paintball teams to practice and compete on the most recent layouts with the best guns on the market. Join now to battle it out on Tint ‘n Ink!

Set up your tournament rules, invite your friends and dominate the field. Tint ‘n Ink is a FPS/PVP online that provides you the opportunity to play against the world or in a private environment versus bots. You can join and find rivals on our constantly growing community on Discord.

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Competitive Events

Are you ready to lead your team to victory? You can play on the Competitive League a 5v5 Elimination Mode and work hard to rank up.

This intense paintball experience is perfect for players who love a challenge and thrive under pressure.

Fully Customisable Guns

Get the best paintball guns, more than +50 variations and a lot of attachments are ready on the in-game store to have a new owner.

You can attach every accesory on the Workbench Menu, each one will modify the visual aspect and of course the performance of the marker. And not only your guns, you can also change the entire outfit of your character.

Take Advantage Of Every Moment

You can use the waiting room to work on the last details of the strategies to follow with your team, reviewing the layout together.

Realistic As F*

Play now on Windy City Major, IL. Atlantic City, NJ. or the final step on Kissimmee, FL. Start your trip around the World Cup of Paintball 2022-2023 today on Tint ‘n Ink®!


Tint n Ink: Paintball : How To Get It Free!

Tint n Ink: Paintball is an Early Access Game that will shortly become a full, paid game.

Make sure you follow these steps to get Tint n Ink: Paintball while it’s still free, and it will remain yours after it becomes a paid game!

  1. Log into your existing Steam account, or create a new account.
  2. Go to the Tint n Ink: Paintball page on Steam.
  3. Click on the Play Game button.

That’s it! It has now been added to your Steam account, and you can download and install it anytime after this.


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