There Was A Dream : Get This Game For FREE!

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There Was A Dream – an exploration and survival game set in a dream world – is FREE for a limited time! Find out how to get it FREE now, and tell your friends!

There Was A Dream : Get This Game For FREE!


There Was A Dream is FREE for a limited time!

There Was A Dream is an exploration and survival game set in the dream world. You’ll dress up as Claire, a 26yo girls that after a quarrel with her family moves to a new city.

Explore a dreamy italian countryside, survive fighting into a dark nightmare, becoming a Dream’s Hero saving people and restoring the balance of the dream dimensions.

  • Collect resources, materials and artifacts to survive, craft, resell, build your house, complete quests and more.
  • Discover randomic job opportunity or resell the artifact found during your journey and build your own business.
  • Carry out different types of activities including farming, fishing, sailing, hunting, riding, driving.
  • Personalize your aspect buying new pajamas and capes, change hair style and color.
  • Buy, personalize and train your horse, to raise his resistance for ride around the world-map.
  • Take part in thrilling horse races at the last overtaking. Collect energy balls, use the boost and win against your opponents.
  • Personalize your house with dozens of furnish.
  • Rescue and help people fighting monsters in the Nightmare dimension to repopulate the Dream dimension and unlock shops, jobs, activities and more.
  • Adopt your favorite style of play during battles. Approach in stealth mode, build and use traps or throw stones to depose enemies. Or go for brute force, with clubs and the firepower of weapons.


There Was A Dream – How To Get It For FREE!

There Was A Dream is a DRM-free download for Windows.

  1. You need an account, so sign up for a new account, or log into your account.
  2. Go to the There Was A Dream page on
  3. Click on the Download or claim button.
  4. Once it’s added to your account, you can download and install it at any time.


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